The third life

There are people who are struggling to part with old things. Or did not leave with them, disposing of them in attics, balconies, in barns. For this feature, they are awarded their respective nicknames - Plyushkin Matroskin or something less than harmonious.
However, it turns out, all over the trash-to what actually is not as such. And any (well, almost all) things you can give a second or even third life. And all these barrels used and old cars do not just serve and please the eye and.
That is why, for example, need a drum of the washing machine deceased? And from it we can make a wonderful device for barbecue

Wine barrels outlived his? Please, one can build a drum set. Will it sound - this is the third question. But beautiful.

Royal has not piano. A very glamorous flower beds.

Suitcase no longer fastened? God bless him. See what an amazing chair can come from the former road accessory.

And this suitcase quite working unit was


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