But notice the humble goat. And chosen scapegoat

That's how life sometimes turns. Lived in the era itself was a kind of symbol of developed socialism negligent management. Well, as he lived. Made was befitting of the material. In those days, loved handing economic subjects variety of characters. Every advanced workers - red flags pennants yes. With certificates for achievements in labor. What with great fanfare reported in the central and regional press. But all in front of a spirited horse and can not succeed. Were lagging. Categorically do not want to go in and build a bright future together with pace-communism. They too are periodically written, but somehow less noticeable. Because nefig spoil the beautiful picture of universal idyll. Handing this lagging like nothing was laid (and really, what for?) But creative ideas place is always and everywhere. In fact, in the same world of cinema - there are winners "Oscar" and all there winners of the Cannes and other festivals, but there are winners of the "Golden Raspberry". Moreover, a well-known public catches.
Approximately so decided and the creators of this symbolic prize. Let it be like rolling the infamous banner. And gave a start in life statue of a goat with a broken horn. And she went from a life of nomadic. Twenty-four farms replaced, serdeshny. And then completely disappeared in troubled times 90.
But survived. Moreover - to change the symbolism of the work. Now he proudly emblazoned in the center of Kujbyshevo Zaporozhye region as a scapegoat. And it is quite another matter. Biblical character, after all.


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