Odessa so do not scare

Nearing 21 December. That is the day announced by some, though quite numerous individuals and organizations, which all come kapets. Moreover, variations thereof are offered a variety of offensive. Collision. Floods. Flooding as a consequence of the collision. Passing through some zero band whether our galaxy, or universe. There generally is some confusion in the testimony and recommendations. On the one hand - recommend stocking wood and products to leave the city, as all forms of energy (!) Will somehow there closed. And while all this apokalipets will somehow be accompanied by flashes of. Something I do not understand. In physics, for me, truth be told, was a triple. But! If all forms of energy are set to zero, what, monks, flashes? And what do I forgive, firewood? This is the same energy source, I understand. But even more important point. And intracellular energy? If we are all forms of energy will no longer exist, then why should I, who have already rejected the hoof stock of firewood and products? In general, light-headedness.
Try, however, to comfort, Ukrainian ethnographers, authoritatively stating that Slavic Vedas only an era Wolf. And already, it happened on September 21, so are we in a golden age, relax, gentlemen, do not worry, be happy.
A further went to Odessa. Well, it's the people osobyy.Ih cheap Ponte end of the world does not scare - and not so heard. So they offer for the occasion to arrange December 21 hilarious flash mob. Meet people at Duke but with appropriate warning signs and under the "Requiem" will move to the Opera. Naturally, provided all sorts of beautiful, accompanied by this action - fayyerschiki, belching fire and other
relying entourage. That's a decent answer. Next, Odessa!


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