10 facts from the life of the legendary "Odessa wolfhound" David Kurland

Sensational S. Ursulyak director series "Liquidation", released in 2007, drew millions of viewers gripping storyline and brilliant performances by the cast. But the main reason for the popularity of the film was the charismatic image of David Gotsmana embodied on the screen by Vladimir Mashkovym.U this character was a real prototype - Odessa David Kurland, criminal investigator, storm thugs of all stripes. < Website publishes interesting facts from the life of the legendary opera.

David M. (Mendelevich) Kurland was born in Odessa in 1913. The family lived in Moldavanka outside Sadikovskoy, 37. His father, a builder-setter, died when he was 7 years old. For some time he lived in an orphanage until the elder brother, the Red Army did not come back to Odessa and took it from there. It was a time of civil war and rampant crime. Orphanage were familiar with the world of crime is not hearsay, it is obvious even in those days, David decided to fight bandits and protect honest citizens.

Before you become a member of the CID, David Kurland worked stovemaker, a shoemaker, a worker at the factory. In Odessa Criminal Investigation Department, he was in the direction of the Young Communist League. For several years, David was promoted from assistant to senior opera. He opened complex cases one by one, carefully planned operation and not risked his screen counterpart, let alone going to take a gang. Colleagues called him "Professor anti-gang" and criminals - "Odessa wolfhound"
With the beginning of WWII Kurland he participated in the defense of Odessa in 1941, and then in the evacuation struggled with gang violence in Uzbekistan. Indeed, among the evacuees were money changers, bandits, deserters, and in their search for Kurland flair never fails. He was only 28 years, when he was appointed deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Office, Uzbekistan.

Upon returning from work Kurland was more than enough - literally postwar Odessa faced a wave of crime The ruin, poverty, hunger and the availability of weapons have contributed to the aggravation of the crime situation.. Food shortages pushed people into crime. Often killed officers returning from the front, arms and ration cards. Army deserters commit robbery, killing entire families.

But the city still managed to restore order. Deputy Chief of the Odessa Criminal Investigation David Kurland gave descent bandits. According to Kurland's son Anatoly, "the father was respected and feared, including criminals. Last Kurland resulted in criminals terror. " He was able to eliminate a known gang «Black Cat», consists of 19 repeat offenders and gang «Dodge ¾» and «Odessa Tarzan». < br />

After retirement in 1963, Courland long lectured at the school the Ministry of Interior, participated in the creation of a museum of history of the Odessa Police, in which you can now see the exhibition dedicated to Kurland. In 2008, at the entrance to the building of the Odessa Regional Department of the Ministry of Interior was a monument of the postwar Odessa staff Criminal Investigation, which is popularly called the monument to David Kurland.

About how in postwar Odessa fighting crime, David Kurland said in his memoirs. < This is the document and became the basis for the creation of the script The film was the "liquidation". On the screens in 2007, 14 years after the death of David Kurland.

Kurland relatives strongly disagreed about its image in the series, if the grandson Vladimir felt that Mashkov managed to accurately convey the character of the grandfather, his son, Anatoly Davidovich said that the creators of the film "is not enough that the plot of the film" stripped "from the diaries of his father, so also its image is completely distorted. Vladimir Mashkov only superficially looks like his father, but his father was kinder. »

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