"Tower of David". Not only crime

Venezuelan photographer Alejandro Chegarre able to explore the floors "Towers" and capture the everyday life of its inhabitants, many of them - ordinary people who just want to have a secure roof over your head.

Chegarra Alejandro (Alejandro Cegarra), photographer: "The series is called" The Other Side "Tower of David", "because I wanted to dispel the myth that live in it alone criminals. In fact, it was full of honest families, and they just want a place to call home. They proudly told me how they were able to organize your life so that all feel safe. "Tower" is no different from ordinary houses - corridors with doors. I had to ask residents to let me in and ask their permission to take photos. Although the "Tower of David" and better than usual squat, there still difficult to live. There are no elevators, water is in short supply, and if at the same time to connect to the network too many devices, the electricity will be gone on the entire floor. There is also not everywhere is fencing. I heard that drunk people and children in the past often fell down »

"Tower of David" was conceived as a financial center of Venezuela, will host the headquarters of large local banks, offices and a hotel. However, in mid-1990, after the death of the customer and investor of a skyscraper construction has been suspended. Soon Let the "Tower" captured criminals.

According to the level of street crime capital Caracas Venezuela ranks first in Latin America, and the "Tower of David" long remained a haven of gangsters. Few dare to challenge them.

But in 2000, the confrontation with the bandits entered the anarchist David Lopez, nicknamed Honest and Baptist pastor Alexander El Niño Daza. After serving for two more than ten years in prison, they put together their own gang and drove the gangsters of the skyscraper. A year later, Honest fell from the 14th floor.

World famous "Tower of David" acquired after the series "Homeland", the protagonist of which is hidden in it from US intelligence.

The current population of "Tower" mainly comprise two major groups of Baptists and anarchists. Here there are shops, dentist, gym and even a beauty salon. On the first floor you can walk ten on a motorcycle, but then have to use the stairs. No elevator.

Active squatters meet regularly to discuss current and future challenges of the commune, prayer. They live on the lower 28 floors of the building. There is water and sewer conducted. Security guard on the floor costs 200 bolivars (about $ 30) from each family per month. Violators regime punished by public works or being kicked.

Squatters from the upper floors live by themselves and in the general affairs "Towers" are not involved.

At lower raw and unfinished uppermost floors people live simpler and poorer. Most luxurious apartments with large balconies and open terraces even gets the most respected and affluent members of the community.

Many residents of the "Tower of David" in these unusual slums found refuge from the dangers of things happening on the streets of the city - gangs narkokarateley and ordinary robbers.
This year, the beginning of the Venezuelan government to evict residents "Towers." Squatters resettled in specially built houses for them under the "Great Housing Mission" of the government of Nicolas Maduro. Cchitaetcya that the government intends to convey the "Tower of David" Chinese developers.

Source: www.ianparry.org


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