"Husband-goat" - is not a common feature of all the men, rather, it is their variety. There are certain signs, symptoms of this "disease" if they occur at regular intervals, can sound the alarm.

What if the husband kid?
"What if my husband kid?" - This is probably the most common topic for discussion. And in our time, it is widely discussed not only in female company, but also on the forums on the Internet. The latter is much more interesting, because there are wedged into the conversation and the men themselves are often just confirming the topic for its "highly erudite" comments. The most common of them, "she goat!". Still, "goat" - this is not a common feature of all the men, rather, it is their variety.

Male goats
"Men-goats," as a rule, very cleverly camouflage their affiliation to the artiodactyl, and let you see their essence only after marriage or even after the birth of a child joint. To scales fell from his eyes, a woman, only one situation in which a man will manifest itself as a horned animal. Thereafter, in the heart of doubt creep in, "and for that I married?". Thirty percent of women in such situations will write off all of the circumstances, the other thirty blame yourself thirty endure and try to forget and only ten percent will discover the truth.

Signs of man-goat
But if you wanted to call her husband's goat, it does not mean that he is such. There are certain signs, symptoms of this "disease" if they occur at regular intervals, can sound the alarm.

Here are some of these signs. For example it:

I hit you? Goat!
Propyl salary and you do not what to buy bread, and when he said that food should be and he does not care where you take it. Goat!
He swears not acceptable abuse, and has children. Goat!
It allows you to humiliate yourself, indicating your shortcomings. Goat!
Jealous and screaming for no reason, measured by wages and reproaches money.
In a fit of anger crushes everything in the house, scaring children of their own, putting their friends over family. And this, too, he.
It's clear that in the dirty socks under the bed or unclosed tube of toothpaste husband goat no one will call.

The worst thing that a cure for the disease is not present. Such men are fundamental and are unlikely to change its principles. Nobody says that they are not capable of loving. It's not that they love, and perhaps sensing the threat of losing a loved one, they can tame their ardor. That's just how long? A woman can reconcile and try to live life with her husband, at least for the children or their love. But looking back twenty years and realizing that now surely can not change anything, it will be hurt.

What to do?
Specific advice to give is very difficult, every such situation is unique in its own way. But above all, a woman living with a "husband-goat" need to stop to be a victim and to understand that it is worthy of a better life, a better attitude towards themselves, the best man in the end. Next you need to enlist the support of family, friends, and maybe even a new lover. You can not keep everything in itself, it is necessary to speak about the problem without fear of condemnation. We must be prepared for the fact that it will be difficult, but as soon eliminate the need to tolerate and live in fear, the woman breathe deeply and feel the relief. Important quickly release the situation and remember the evil, but men continue to circumvent such a party.

And finally, I want to remember the second most common on the internet forums, comment on the man's question: "Where are you looking?". Behind it is immediately followed by female response: "... the love of evil."


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