"30 Seconds To Mars» in St. Petersburg

March fourteenth legendary band, led by frontman Jared Leto permanent (Jared Leto), gave a single concert at the post-Soviet space in St. Petersburg.

As expected, the good-natured Jared (Jared Leto) and his brother Shannon (Shannon Leto) met with fans and gave autographs bit. Musicians travel at this time on the European continent in support of the album «This Is War». World tour group called «Into The Wild».

The opening act of the "Summer of Brothers" were two teams «Not for Joe» and «Street Drum Corps». The concert brought together a total of some 10,000 fans of the Americans. Sounded funny phrases in Russian from the mouth of Jared Leto (Jared Leto). Just remember them exactly five, quote: «Chto stoish kak dub?», «A nahuya popu garmon '?», «Ya vas lublu», «Spasibo» and «Do svidanya!»

Photos: Olga Vis


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