Priest in heaven

Once one priest died. Of course, from the beginning he was sure that gets to heaven, to heaven. He arrived there, and everything was fine. The house in which he was, was great, it was the most delicious of all the house of which he could only dream of. At that moment, as he has the desire, immediately arose servant. If he was hungry, a servant holding a tray with edoyu, the most exquisite of the one that he had ever tasted. If he is thirsty, something else before his desire to form in thought, while it was still a sense, there is a person with drinks.
And so it went on, and he was very happy for two or three days, and then he began to feel uneasy, because a person needs to do something, you can not just sit in a chair. Only a man of Tao can just sit in a chair and sit, sit, sit ... you can not.
The priest was worried. Two or three days off, a little rest - this is normal. During his lifetime he was so active: the set of public services, missions, church sermons; He was so involved in the affairs of the community and the congregation that now he has enjoyed. But how many are you can relax? Rest well until now, sooner or later, the weekend is not over, and then you're back in the world, in their usual range of activities. He became restless, began to feel some discomfort.
Suddenly, a servant and asked:
- What do you want? This is your feeling - not a necessity, you're not hungry, not thirsty, you're just restless. So what do I do?
- I can not always sit here, I can not sit forever, I want to do something, - explained the priest.
- It is impossible, - said the servant. - All your desires are fulfilled we will be, what is the need you to do something? It is useless and so is not provided here.
The priest even more worried and cried:
- What kind of a paradise ?!
- What is Heaven? What other Paradise? What makes you think that this is Heaven? - Surprised servant. - It - Hell. Who told you that this is Paradise?

And it really was hell. Now he realized that no activity - it was hell. He had to, sooner or later go crazy. Alone and without talking, without the need for services, without the Gentiles, which you want to convert to Christianity, without stupid people who should be wise to do what he could do?
Only a man of Tao could change that hell and turn it into heaven. A man of Tao, no matter where he was, peaceful, calm. He does only what you need, and if you make it necessary for him, he will be even happier. All nonessential discarded.


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