Carefully watch yourself to see how much you imitate others. When imitating your real beginning remains dead. Cut the imitation. This can be painful. Suffering can be profound. But you manifest your true, your authentic.

Zen master Gutey had a habit of always lift a finger when explaining Zen.
Very young disciple began to imitate him, and when someone asked a student what Master said, he also raised a finger. Gutey visit this and once came to see. He crept up from behind, and when the boy raised his finger, pulled out a knife and Gutey cut off his finger. And before the boy had time to scream, Gutey shouted:
- Stop!
The boy stopped, turned around and saw through tears Masters. Gutey raised his finger, and the boy began to raise his habit too. And when he did it without a finger, he became enlightened.

Master never does anything extra, even lifting a finger. Gutey not always lift a finger, but only when he taught Zen. How Come? All problems arise while you are fragmentary, posting inconsistent. Because then you are in discord, in chaos and harmony not. What is meditation? It'S Nothing. But there comes integrity. Explanation Guteya were secondary, but he raised a finger as the primary thing. This he said:
- Be one! And your problems are solved.
The boy began to imitate him outwardly. Imitation can not lead you anywhere. Imitation means that the ideal somewhere outside. This is not something that happened to you. This - not within. You have seed in itself, but if you imitate others, the seed will remain dead. Imitation, imitation must be decisively rejected. Finger - a symbol.
Gutey shouted: "Stop!" At the time of the stop no more pain. And when the Master raises his finger, the boy raises his finger. Finger, which is not there. And for the first time, he realizes that he is not the body - it is awareness, consciousness, intelligence. He is the soul and the body - only the house.
You - the light within yourself, not light, but the flames.


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