These 15 artists make to doubt that your eyes see

Mastery of some artists transcends all borders. They paint everything: oil, acrylic, charcoal, pen or pencil - but their work does not distinguish from the photos. Considerable tenacity and talent of the author makes this work something more than just photocopies. In their lives, the artist's vision, emotions and the illusion of the world in which we live.

Website gathered 15 artists, looking at the work that we literally could not believe my eyes.

Diego Fatsio

Diego works as an inkjet printer, starting to draw the edge of the sheet. Draw in pencil and charcoal. To create a portrait of the artist spent 200 hours.

Omar Ortiz

The level of transmission of colors and shades so high that it has become his trademark. Omar with his usual laconic transmits all the subtle curves and lines, showing the graceful beauty of the body from all angles.

Gregory Tilker

Tilker Gregory wrote his "rainy" brush paintings using watercolor and oil paints. View pictures of Gregory recalls traveling in a car on a cold rainy day.

Ruth Tayson

British artist Ruth Tyson, like many of her colleagues, has no artistic education, however, has an original manner of execution of the works. She paints watercolors and graphite pencils, but sometimes it takes and paint.

Roberto Bernardi

Hard to believe that "sweet" still lifes Roberto Bernardi is not filmed on camera. Each still life with amazing precision passes reflections on the glossy surface of the table, folds and glare.

Robin Eley

London artist creates a realistic large-scale oil paintings. In this collection of paintings the artist delicately "hides" the nakedness of human bodies transparent film.

Gottfried Helnvayn

In his works, Gottfried Helnwein uses mostly watercolors. He works as a painter, draftsman, photographer, sculptor and artist, revealing all sides of his talent.

Vincent Fatauzzo

Works of famous Australian artist Vincent Fatauzzo exhibited around the world. Portrait of Heath Ledger was written a few weeks before the death of the actor.

Kamalki Laureano

Kamalki Laureano - Dominican talented artist. It applies the technique of writing with acrylic paints on canvas. For him, the work - it's not just an imitation of photography, and the imitation of life.

Paul Kedden

The only tool the author - a slate pencil. It turns out to be enough to accurately convey each line, wrinkle or emotion. To doubt the genius of the author does not have to.

Thomas Arvid

Thomas does not have any formal education. Accumulated skills of their own education system, the artist came to his theme - the theme of wine. And there was "Winery Thomas Arvid" - a series of works depicting the bottles, corks, corkscrews and glasses with sparkling drinks.

Brian Druri

American artist graduated in 2007, the New York Academy of Art, and has since worked in the genre of realism. Winner of many prestigious awards in Europe and the United States Drury focuses on the organic quality of the leather and shows the human side of that from us so often try to hide.

Yigal Ozeri

Yigal incredibly accurately conveys the play of light and shadows, glare and the sun's glare, thereby creating the illusion of a masterful photos.

Taner Tseylan

Famous Turkish artist, painting in the style of hyperrealism and specializes in playing the photos. For his work he uses mostly acrylic.

Andrew Telbot

Renowned British artist Andrew Talbot is engaged in a pattern of 15 years and since 2002 makes his living with his works. Incredible realism and the bright colors make it a style of one of the most recognizable, that puts the artist in the ranks of the best in the business.

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