15 shots, after watching that you never set foot in the water

Before you go swimming with your friends, you just have to see it. Website publish impressive 15 threats that you may encounter on the road during the summer holidays.

Racing vyzhivanie

Road to bezdnu

Imagine how it stings meduza

And then I remembered the horror film "Anaconda"

God forbid see such vzhivuyu

The special effects of the film "Jaws" otdyhayut

Water Snake, you say?

Life-threatening vstrecha

Oh, I nearly fainted!

Cute osminozhek

What a surprise!

Unpleasant neozhidannost

Although this algae, it makes me not a bit legche

Ocean bezmolvie

Remember: the most difficult in my life - it is the blue whale. Everything else - pustyaki

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