How to overcome addiction to watching TV

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It would seem, what harm can watching the TV? But in just two weeks, rich in serials and television shows, you will gain the addiction as the addict.

It happens quickly and quietly. Your holidays turn into an endless TV viewing, with short breaks for food and fellowship with family.

By the end of the day you feel exhausted and tired. And even if you're aware of it, still continue to follow this routine. If you are bewitched. Even if you know that all this is garbage for your mind.

Finally, there comes a time when you feel that we need to do something.

Perhaps this problem is related to you. I don't mean dependence on low-grade reality shows, and how television in General is able to lure us into their nets.

I want to understand only one: why do we continue to turn on the TV?

Before we turned on the TV, it seems to us that this is the best thing you can do at the moment. It's simple: just one button. When we watch it, we don't need to think, we just relaxed and passively sit and absorb the bright colors and sounds, characters and storyline. It would seem that we forget about everything and completely focused. TV is a great excuse to put off our responsibilities for later.

We watch TV, even if there is nothing good. We catch ourselves on the fact that briefly browsed the channels in search of something that would keep us near the screen.

It is much easier than to start to do something different and give up a comfortable chair near the TV. Without even realizing it, we watch TV longer than we had planned and put off for later what we really need to do.

Let me ask you, how do you feel when you get up after watching TV? What do you think about yourself? As you evaluate yourself? Personally, I feel terrible: guilty of putting things off for later and frustrated because of a lack of willpower.

Here the consequences of TV viewing, based on my personal experience:

Mess in the mind – Most programs on TV are useless and uninteresting.

We are drawn to them to satisfy our curiosity and to cope with the fear of loneliness, especially if we have nothing to do. We begin to feel that we have a goal and a great way to kill time. And to put it simply – all this is unnecessary noise that clogs our mind and subconscious.

Devastated – I feel tired and exhausted. Without exaggeration, after I passively look at the screen for some time, my head's numb and I was sleepy. All this happens because our brain working hard to process all the incoming visual and auditory information, even if we just sit and passively receive information.

Addictive – I want to watch TV more and more. After we watched the program you plan to watch, then what do we do? The natural temptation is to step through channels and see what else you can find. It is quite a common phenomenon for us to plan to watch one program and finish viewing unplanned action a few hours later.

A waste of time – because Of its characteristics, namely the ability to cause addiction, television tends to take up your time. You just are not able to do more useful and necessary things.

Bad feeling – I never feel good after finally hardly tear his eyes from the TV. With the exception of some documentary films and programs, most programs don't inspire you and give strength.

The procrastination – You addictive. You are distracted and put off his business. You encourage your delay is depending on the TV.

Die our imagination a Few years ago I read a study devoted to child development and the role of the imagination. Scientists came to the conclusion that reading stimulates the imagination, and excessive TV viewing – on the contrary, suppresses it. When we watch TV, we are passively received and processed visual information, the imagination involved is weak. While when reading you are actively reading the words, and then converts them into visual information, or realize their importance.

Poor posture – Very easy to slip off on the sofa when we want to relax. When we are absorbed in some exciting shows, we tend to ignore any physical sensation, and remain in the same position for a long time. It can hurt our physical health.

Guilt – Usually we feel guilty if we failed to do what we have planned. Once you realize that you have not advanced a single step, you are beginning to torment your conscience.

Solution? How to overcome the dependence on TV?

Here are some strategies and tips that helped me cope with my addiction to watching TV. I hope they will help you.

When eating, concentrate on your food

So you want to turn the TV on during meals. We say to ourselves: "I'm just there and nothing more. Can and to have fun while eating". But even before we realise it, we spend more time than necessary in front of the TV, and won't even feel the taste of food, won't be able to enjoy it. For example, I tend to overeat when distracted, and then feel bloated and lazy.

The next time you eat, try to concentrate on the wonderful smells and flavors of your food and nothing more. Concentrate on the consistency of your food. Feel how it gives you your energy. In fact, this is one of the forms of meditation that can help you focus. Try it!

Break with old habits

If you have the habit to turn on the TV right after you went into the house, try to change the routine to get rid of this habit. What you can do within 10 minutes after he came home, instead of having to turn on the TV? Talk to a friend? To read an inspiring story? To eat? To practice? Practice yoga or meditation?

Create a fallback plan

Before you turn on the TV to watch a certain TV show, you should know exactly what you will do after watching.

Write down the thing that you will need to do on paper along with reasons why you should definitely do it. For example, "After watching "the Amazing race" at 9 am, I'll go out for a run because it helps me feel healthy and gives me energy."

Get used to use the off button

As soon as you will know, what are you gonna do after the program, learn how to turn off the TV as soon as it came to an end.

Use TV as a reward

Instead say "I'll do his business, after finishing his TV show," the teach to encourage yourself to watching a TV show when you've finished your work.

Ask yourself "Why"?

Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you. Close your eyes for a few minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Then ask yourself: Why do I want to watch this TV show? I need to understand? We are all intelligent beings and somewhere inside we can find the answers to all the questions. When I asked these questions of myself, I realized I was watching TV because the TV show gave me a convenient excuse to avoid the fulfilment of my duties. It was easier than "work", the results of which are not immediately visible.

Just reduce the number of programs

List all programs that you watch, and decide for yourself which ones you can refuse. Start with one program and gradually remove from the list all the junk TV shows, one after the other. Don't forget to ask yourself when evaluating each the TV show "What I get from watching this show? It brings me a sense of lasting happiness and satisfaction?"

Metered TV viewing

Set yourself a normal TV viewing in a day or a week. This will force you to reduce your "TV appetites." First, try to reduce viewing time in half.

Did you know that we are willing to go to great extremes to avoid pain, not to have fun? We tend to make choices in favor of the TV, and not duties, because at this point we just don't see the pain that will occur if we do not fulfill our responsibilities.

Try the following: Close your eyes. Visualize the pain you might experience due to the fact that I did not do business. Imagine how much damage we can really, feel it with all senses. Reinforce this feeling. Double the intensity of the pain several times if you can. After a few minutes, imagine the fun and freedom that will appear after you have made your case (and received as a reward the ability to watch a TV show). Again, imagine it and feel with the greatest intensity.

Hypothetical situation: you need to complete the report until 9 a.m. the next day. To visualize the pain, you can imagine all the stress you have to go through due to the postponement of this work at a later time and the state in which you will be on the following day due to the fact that not enough sleep.

To visualize the pleasure you could provide a wonderful feeling of self-sufficiency and freedom now when to make a report in your hands. See yourself sleep, you will feel fresh and cheerful whole day.




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