As it has been renovated TV Leningrad T-2

An interesting article about the restoration of the rare TV Leningrad T-2 on their own. The result of the process and the work can be viewed below. Before restoration.
Outwardly, to the restoration of the TV looks very good, but from a distance of a couple of meters. Near visible scars left by time. So in more detail.

Lead body intact except for a few minor scuffs and scratches. Varnish has significant "receding hairline", and of considerably scratched.
Rag face very decent, the left half is in need of cleaning.

Both inside and outside - the device bundled with the exception of the little things: no housing high-voltage unit. The receiver works, television half - there is a sound and light tube. From the inside, especially closer to the face like an abandoned attic dust layer completely hides the adjustment potentiometers. From the machine occasionally go for a stroll different kinds of insects and arachnids.
In general, the client is alive and very glad.
The previous three photos were taken by the previous owner

The main goal of maximum preservation of the original appearance and materials while training for an active life. Of course every day of his or anyone watching will not show for the guests is not a sin. But you can listen to the radio and often.

The first inspection of the interior showed that half of the cap lamp live an independent life of cylinders. I hope this is fixable via poksipola. Cap tube receiving the same move. Besides its two legs peremknyty wire, obviously homemade - the question why?

Let's not part of the television alone and engage receiver - pure cosmetics. Hands clean and polish, the panel wash. Scale gently rub. Scale mode indicator starts to peel - it is necessary to paint or fix or replace.

Of particular concern has brought a kind of paint on the brass of the receiver, it is covered with shagreen enamel brown with punching in place of letters and numbers and symbols of decorative moldings. Restore coverage is problematic. And in the place where the handles are visible shagreen, seemed completely erased.

The panel was removed, disassembled and znamochena in soapy water, then washed with soap and a brush. And lo! What it seemed scuffed otmylos. Relief sharkskin was very decent and less evenly over the entire surface.

However, it is clearly not a whitish color feast for the eyes. The original color is preserved under the pads adjustment holes. Therefore, it was decided to cover the entire top panel with clear acrylic lacquer. Before this designation on the panel have been cleaned with a needle. By applying the technology they "scratched" through the paint and expose the brass base.

A thin layer of lacquer back panels of the former color, and stressed texture, as well as being protected against abrasion.

Even some pens coverage is not different from the rest. And when disassembling the receiver I got a bonus in the form of buttons switch ranges, which had fallen deep into the TV. While I was thinking how it got there accidentally clicked on one of these -zhe on the receiver, and it is fun jumping on a spring-landed in the same place in the bowels of the TV.

Label "Leningrad" cast iron, was broken

For this case we have a "Poksipol»

And here is our cloth with the divorce at the bottom. This closes the speaker and half stretched over a steel frame, which in turn is mounted inside the housing studs. For washing use a consequence of car upholstery cleaning sprays. Previously on the perimeter of the fabric impregnated with glue "Moment", something would not have spread thread and after drying is soaked in water.

So, that's another pravdv frame, but the essence remains the same. Important than not rub! And wait 20 minutes.

Clear boundaries divorce disappeared and this despite the fact that I had never touched a wet cloth hands. The general result, though not perfect, but quite decent.

Slowly turning over detalyushki got to clean the main chassis of the TV. In addition there are a lot of dust on the oily bitumnoobraznyh streaks and stains. Though like capacitors are not exploded.

All we soaked in WD-40 and quietly laundered

After cleaning it came to verifying operation. As mentioned above the normal sound of the television, and instead of the image shapeless stain.

After adjusting the grid and remove the jumper and indirectly heated, managed to get a picture of a raster, do not reach the size of the screen and strongly illuminated from below. However, when setting up the deflection system is broken and the image of its coils rolled up into a vertical strip. We had to shoot the picture tube.

Incidentally, the pipe liner is a magnet, its purpose is not clear, because I have a straight pipe and ion trap is not necessary. If it is removed, the image becomes clearer.

After removing the coil yoke eyes appeared torn, frayed wires and oxidized. Pike is poor.

Lowercase reel, with soldering pin. Impregnated with lacquer and is contracted rezinochkoy. Dries.
Cheers performance FOS restored!

When restoring housing task was to maximize the retention of the original cover and use as close to authentic materials. The main type of injuries were dents and chipped tsarampiny. On the cover there were stains darkening veneer.

As a result, all the scratches were smoothed cloth to veneers, large embedded chips, and smaller left as is. Burnt side slightly toned in color of the rest of the body teksturolom. Though this modern stuff, but all the same reliability is of considerable importance. Then the body is covered with three layers of nitrocellulose lacquer, ground and polished. Fast drying and ease of processing NC - lacquer allowed to meet in two weeks.

The time allotted for the repair is over, all the deficiencies will be completed later without dismantling the global TV. As a result, renovated housing. It was restored, but not altered or repaired. Cleaned the chassis, painted the cover of transformers restored performance FOS and scanner. Here is this kind after the assembly, only sticks nebrezannaya pen Focus.

That's what had to be replaced, the housing parts is leave that to later restore them, and.

To avoid damage to the bulky TV in further moving and storage, it was made cabinet meters high, on the top shelf, and which was placed "Leningrad". Lower occupied "Baltika", "Minsk" and all sorts of stuff. Tumba put on wheels and can be easily moved with more than 100 kg of load.

"Fast Tale told, but not soon deal done." Rather not done, and is currently on its side. But freed couple of evenings and the big table turned out to be the after-parties. Quickly smetnuv remnants salad bowls in the sink are covered with hardboard table and spread the inside of "Leningrad". So, I do not recall the video. Erred in the coil circuit of the amplifier, I was right and eliminate two of the cliff, it is easy enough to get a small, shimmering Kryven'ka image brightness and the folded on all sides. On the meter piece of wire caught uninteresting transfer and I continued to research.

The main defect of the image, conspicuous is the width of the rows is not dostayushaya to the edges of the screen and is not regulated. I found the culprit damper winding strochnika. Unsolder winding - and there in the cliff. Dismantling strochnika took 2:00. After winding proring I found that one end of the damper winding through the exit to call, along with which she wound. Dalsche pure mysticism began. Rewound output and damper winding 410 turns in 5 sections and finding the open circuit and in the beginning I measure up the resistance received two equal lengths of wire and received 100 and 50 ohms. Wire 0, 18 mm PELSHO the same! (As it turned out, the result of communication with knowledgeable people - is in my circuit they are the same, but in reality different 0, 18 - output and 0, 12, damper) Nothing better I did not have, I have decided to wind this same wire, at least for the sample. 410 turns, and it's a little over an hour was about to rewind strochnik. However, the result did not have 20 turns per coil. Pray strochnik connected and turned on the TV. As a result, the image took the whole area of ​​the screen and no longer has a cause mertsat- found. But schools naturally made themselves felt nedomonannye coils nedodali stiffened and image is dim, the transformer is heated. In general, it is necessary to look for the wire and rewind normal.
TV assembled

Winding wire in silk insulation in our cruel time on every corner is not lying. He kept only in the oases of large enterprises to have survived their treasures from the Soviet era. Miraculously Pavel Ermakov suggested should be done to get out of the bins ZIL. And two weeks later I rewind strochnik again. All sections climbed perfectly into place and - Bingo! TV works as well as in the distant fifties.

Summarizing the recovery repair epic will last 20 months and found its logical end I want to note that the "Leningrad T2" German assembly needlessly called moody and unfit for repair of the poor quality of the components, which allegedly have to change everything. Obviously much depends on operation, and further the conditions of storage in recent years to repair. Naturally, if the unit was in a wet basement or garage that komplektuha fails. Of course in the scheme have bottlenecks where replacement is inevitable, but not so much. For me, as a man distant from the electronics, this TV was a kind of textbook in which I learned some of the principles of circuitry.
What's next? TV continues to work so that life goes on. Someone might say what's the point to watch an old black and white TV with pipisochnym small screen? How is your kicks in this case there is not ravings Accents head fan. Small screen display has the same resolution as the largest (if we take into account the modern broadcast signal and not HD) but with a smaller amount of sharpness is simply mesmerizing. As you look into the everyday life of ozhivshuyu black and white photo and the greater artistic expression in black and white to color it any photographer will tell you. Of course from the view of modern insurgents on such TV special pleasure does not get it. But the majority of new-fangled movie special effects leave after viewing only a pain in the ears and eyes melteshenie - neither the mind nor heart. By viewing is recommended firstly initially old black and white movies, even the hitherto seemingly naive obtusely "Fantomas" looked like the first time. You can write a very long time, but it is obvious to understand the bygone years, it is necessary to use things in those years, they return us the right look and feel sorry that we are so easily parted with the "old" and then find it only in museums as a dead exhibits. A friend of mine made an interesting comparison - "How do you feel seeing the museum steam engine? Nothing special. And if he is at full speed rushes past? That's right - obosret. " It is said a little tight, but you can not in the subject.
During a visit Mitino market bought the casing high-voltage unit. A little rusty, a little wrinkled, but so dear. Half an hour soaking in phosphoric acid and five minutes of mallet and voila.

Hoisting the cover in place self-made gum not sit on the perimeter of the hole, but then podyschu more flexible.

Putting it short-circuits the contact is not closing the lid. Turn on and enjoy the view from behind. Some lamps red stickers on pedestals give its origins.

When most of the work behind sometimes nice to do the little things. How to know the owners of pristine eaten Leningrad under the control knobs on the front panel are felt pads. I have the only one left, and the damned insects pogryzennaya a quarter. The other day at the store "brand-new" discovered colored felt, 4 mm thickness. Without hesitation, I bought a sheet of brown and produced two punching of thin-walled tubes of the desired diameter, chopped pads.

Here's another small step towards dokomplektatsii. Change of course, but the tactile feel of the rotation handles changed. There was another question - whether the pad under the handle prieminka?

It must be the way to connect the receiver, and something about him, I somehow forgot! Still, what it neobyatnoy the "Leningrad T2»

Inside the TV from the power supply arrangement was the main elements of the chassis. I had lost it. Thanks Dmitry Guryanov, granted scan circuit I made a copy. To do this, I take an old writing paper '59 release, considerably yellowed, a density of about 75 g / m. The scanned image from 300 dpi to 600 translated, transferred to the bitmap and cleaned out the garbage. Then printed on a laser printer.

The result pleased. Scheme pasted starch paste, gently roll on foam roller.



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