Top 16 exercises for the buttocks.

We offer the most comprehensive set of exercises for the buttocks that will help you keep them attractive form and shape for a long time.

1. Stand with your feet together, hands on your waist. Do forward deep attack by each foot, three producing sprung swinging. The foot remaining behind, should stand on a full foot, rather than worn. Gradually increase the number of attacks from seven to ten-twelve (each foot). To achieve a greater effect in the hand is better to take a dumbbell. And gradually, after 3-4 workouts to increase their weight.

2. Lie on your stomach, arms outstretched. Raise your arms and torso, depicting "arc." Then lower your arms to the floor and lift up the back legs only. Perform the exercise 6 to 10 times.

3. Stand with your feet together, holding small dumbbells. Take back your right foot while raising his hands up and cave in. Return to starting position. Now pull back the left leg. Do the exercise 8-12 times.

4. The left leg on a chair, take dumbbells and lower hands along a trunk. Lean forward and pull dumbbells floor. 10-12 times each leg.

5. Legs together, arms with dumbbells at waist. Bend back, without bending feet, 12-15 times.

6. Jump to the rope socks on two feet. Keep breath even, breathe through your nose. Jump from 2 to 5 minutes, gradually increasing your workout.

7. Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body. Lift your legs 45 degrees and simulates cycling. Shins straight, the maximum amplitude of the movement. Repeat from 5 to 10 times.

8. Lie on your stomach, hands Get on my back, fingers connect to the castle. Without bending the knees, feet and hands epodnimite that the body took the form of boats, hang in this position from 10 to 30 seconds.

9. Kneel, hands extend forward at shoulder level. Sit on the left heel, turning the hands of the right (exhalation), return to starting position (breath). Then take the right hand turning to the left, take the starting position. Make exercise from 6 to 10 times in each direction.

10. Sit on the floor, lift up slightly bent knees, hands pull ahead. Using exclusively buttock muscles, turn around its own axis to the left, then right. Keep a regular breathing. Make the music turns a double 2-8 times.

11. Lie on your back, lift straight legs to 90 degrees. Put them to the left from the torso to the floor, keeping the right angle. Then straighten them together, without separating and without bending, lower right of the body. Make exercise from 3 to 8 times.

12. Lie on your stomach on a table so that the legs, starting with hip joints, the table is no longer concerned. Grasp the front or the side edges of the table, inhale and lift your legs up. Try to hold in this position for 10 seconds, then lower. Make exercise 3-6 times. Legs rises high, well caving in a waist.

13. Sit on the floor, connect feet soles, tighten them close to yourself and clasp feet with his hands. Keeping your back straight, the transfer from one buttock to the other - from 40 to 100 times. Do not forget about back, keep breathing evenly.

14. Stand on knees, keep your back straight. Do foot moves back-up, high as you can. Do not lower the leg to the floor, holding her just above the surface, and then lift straight up. Each leg make 10-20 swings.

15. Take a starting position of the previous exercise. Just do foot moves back-up, but with the foot bent at the knee, forming an equal right angle. 10-20 climbs each leg up, then go to the second part of the exercise: bent at the knee right foot from the right lift yourself up; left - with the left hand, by 10-25 times.

16. Get on all fours, back straight. Pull the bent leg forward to the chest, then dispose of the power of her back, fully extended. Each leg 20 times.


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