Care Lin-chi

If death is ugly, it means that your whole life has been a waste of empty. Death should be a peaceful acceptance, a loving entry into the unknown, a joyful farewell to friends, to the old world. It should be no tragedy.
One Zen master Lin-chi, died. Thousands of students gathered to hear his last sermon, but Lin Chi was simply lying - happy, smiling, without saying a word.
Seeing that he was about to die, and yet does not say a word, somebody reminded Lin Chi - an old friend, a master in their own right ... He was not a disciple of Lin-chi; that's why he was able to say to him:
- Lin Chi, have you forgotten that I should have the final say? I've always said that you have a bad memory. You die ... you forgotten?
And Lin-chi said:
- Listen.
On the roof ran, rustled two proteins. And he said:
- How beautiful - and died.

For a moment, when he said: "Listen," reigned absolute silence. Everyone thought that he would say something great, but only two squirrels fighting, rustling, ran across the roof ... He smiled and died. But he gave a final message: do not do things small and big, trivial and important. Everything is important. And in that instant death Lin Chi is just as important as the two squirrels running around on the roof, there is no difference. In existence everything equally. That was his whole philosophy, all the teachings of his life - nothing great and nothing is small; depends on you, what you do with it.


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