Life is not logic

One monk Lin Chi surprised everyone. When he died, his teacher, Lin Chi cry. He stood, tears streaming down his cheeks. His friends wondered:

- What do you do? There were so many people, and they are all shocked by your behavior. Their thoughts are written on their faces: "Incredible! It just can not be! Lin Chi crying! We thought that it is completely unattached and his spirit free. And now he's crying! He taught us that the soul is immortal, that only the body dies; that the body shell is a material that wears out and returns to the earth. Why is he crying today? "And we, your friends, too, can not understand you. You taught that the key is non-attachment. Why are you tied to your teacher?

This Lin-chi said:

- Your question is logical. But what do I do? Tears are flowing, and I was crying. For me the most was the discovery that I was crying. I myself am surprised. But what can I do? So in me manifested life. And I will not suppress its manifestations. I always took it entirely.


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