Gudo and the Emperor

Emperor Gudzay studied Zen under the guidance of Gudo. He asked: - The true mind in Zen - a Buddha. Is this true? Hood said: - If I say "yes", you will think that you understand without understanding. If I say "no", I enter into the contradiction with the fact that many people understand very well. The next day the emperor asked Gudo: - Where does the enlightened man after death? Hood said: - I do not know. - How Come? - Asked the emperor. - Because I have not died - said Hood. The emperor did not dare to ask Hood about the things that his mind could not yet realize. So Hood punched the wall with his hands to awaken his consciousness, and the emperor was enlightened! After his enlightenment, the emperor became even more respected Zen and old Gudo, and even permitted Gudo not remove his hat in the palace in winter. When Hood was 80, he once fell asleep during the lecture, and the emperor quietly retired to another room to his beloved teacher might enjoy the rest, who demanded his body.


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