Meeting with the bodhisattva Manjushri

After years of peaceful meditation Zen monk realized that in reality is not enlightened. Coming to the master, he said:
- Please, let me go, I find a hut on a mountain top and stay there until the end of practice.
Master, knowing that he is ripe for enlightenment, agreed. Climbing the mountain, the monk met an old man who went down and carried on the shoulders of a large bundle of firewood. The old man asked:
- Where you go, the monk?
He replied:
- Going to the top of the mountain; I sit there and wait for enlightenment, or die.
And as the old man looked very wise monk felt the urge to ask him:
- Tell me, venerable old man, and you know something about enlightenment?
The old man, who was in fact a bodhisattva Manjushri (it is said that it is the people, when they are ready to enlightenment), threw off his shoulders a bundle, and she fell to the ground. At the same moment a monk appeared enlightened.
- So you're saying that it's just - just be free and to nothing to strive for!
Then this just an enlightened monk turned to the old man and asked:
- Well, now what?
In response, the old man bent down, picked up the bundle again and walked to the city.


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