Fatal reign of the last king

The last Russian tsar is sometimes considered a holy martyr, or simply a loser. Many attributed the abdication of Nicholas II, and then the death of his and his family only the beginning of the end of the world. But the phenomenon of the Reigning Icon of Our Lady of the Ascension Church in the village of Kolomna near Moscow, March 2, 1917 on the very day the king's abdication of the throne, symbolizing that these times have not yet occurred.

Before our time preserved evidence of a variety of unusual cases that took place with the royal family during the reign of Nicholas II. In 1905, during the Russian-Japanese War, Nicholas even wanted to give up the throne, leaving it to his son under the regency of the queen, and to become a monk and ordained patriarch. Church leaders did not know the answer, then the king did not return to this issue.

Approximate to the royal family MF Geringer recalled that in the Gatchina Palace, the residence of Emperor Paul I, when he was the heir to one of the room stood a large patterned casket. It was known that the widow of Paul I, Empress Maria Feodorovna, to put something told me to open the casket and only a hundred years after the death of her husband, and, moreover, those who will take up at this time of the Russian throne. Paul died as a result of a palace coup on the night of 11 March 12, 1801, and, therefore, March 12, 1901, Nicholas II and his wife went to open the casket. Come they are fun, but returned pensive and sad, and that they have found in the casket, said nothing to anyone. After this trip, the emperor began to commemorate 1918 as the Year of the fateful for him personally and for the dynasty ...

Nicholas II by virtue of their special religious loved to visit monasteries and old men. In early 1905 the Emperor visited the famous elder Barnabas in Gethsemane monastery near the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. The old man had earlier predicted that his way of the cross and the "unprecedented even Tsarskoye glory of His Name." Now, Nicholas had come to him in repentance and received the blessing "to accept a martyr's end, when it pleased the Lord to the cross on him to assign." In 1909, during a visit to the Emperor of the old St. George Monastery near Sevastopol two deep elder-hermit, never show people from their cells, suddenly came out, approached the emperor, silence fell in prostration, stood up, crossed themselves, and also quietly withdrew.

On the day of the Epiphany January 6, 1903 at the salute of guns fortress one of them was loaded with buckshot, and was aimed at the windows of the palace and the gazebo, where at that time was the emperor and his family. Nicholas II forgave the officer who directed the fire, as there were no casualties, and a policeman by the name Romanov was wounded. When the emperor asked how the incident affected him, the king said: "Until the eighteenth year, I am afraid of nothing." In the summer of 1903 in Diveevo held celebrations on the occasion of the canonization of St. Seraphim of Sarov, where he attended and the emperor. The monastery was then living known throughout Russia blessed holy fool Pasha of Sarov. When the emperor and his entourage granted in her cell, she suddenly said: "Just let the king and queen will remain." They went all but novice. Mother Superior came out last and heard Paraskeva Ivanovna, referring to the monarchs, said: "Sit down." The Emperor looked around and, seeing that there is nowhere to sit down, embarrassed, and blessed said to them, "Sit down on the floor." Recall that Nicholas was arrested at the plant bottom. Pasha Sarov predicted them all then turned, that is, the death of Russian dynasty, the destruction of the Church and a sea of ​​blood. The conversation lasted a long time. Their Majesties were horrified. The Empress was close to fainting, she finally said, "I do not believe you, it can not be!" That was a year before the birth of an heir, and they really wanted to have a boy, then blessed pulled out a piece of red cloth and said: "It's your little boy in the pants, and when he is born, then to believe what I told you ».


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