The announcement of the sale of Lada-2105

One person to advertise the sale of its Lada-2105 on a European autos.

Here is the translation:

"Do not miss your chance! Sale Lada 1987 Russian durable car.

Looking for a decent 4x4 SUV, can also be exchanged for a digital camera.

But first, a little about the car.

To be honest passed inspection!

Painted in "urban camouflage" to emphasize their Russian origin.

Surely 90% is made from melted remnants of Russian tanks and oil equipment from Siberia.

Carefully collected on the conveyor Russian workers so that their German counterparts weep with envy looking at the result.


1, 5 liters of Russian anger that produces 75 horsepower.

Plant in any weather!

Masculine exhaust sound suggests some pederastichnosti modern V-tek motors, such as Honda

Continued ...

5 forward and one back.

Top speed is vsego110 km / h, but controlled fairly easily.
Of course, the whistles at high speed, but show me any other car, crossed with a bulldozer, which does not do it!

Interior finish:
A pleasant combination of beige and the color of fresh shit.

Additional equipment:
Eeeeeee ... as we say, optimists: anything that can easily break! »
The car was sold for a few minutes!


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