A little bit about tuning Lada

Outdoor summer, cars already on summer tires.
Well, with the weather intensified Street Racer. Increasingly across Lada growling, trying to chase and inadequate behavior on the road.
The story will focus on some work Zhiguli these racers, my eyes (the man worked for several years with cars).

The first point: the installation of a filter of low resistance. The logic, if the engine sucks in more air means a wheelbarrow rushing faster. Even I heard from some that it adds 7ls.

Reality: The motor runs on a mixture of air and gasoline, to a larger volume of air is necessary to adjust the flow of gasoline. On the carburettor is unrealistic (enlarged jets not), or buy a new, better performance.
In the injector to edit firmware block.

The second point: the installation of a direct-flow muffler banks. Often usually perevarkoy standard. Logic, gases would be better to leave, the motor will be easier to "breathe", and of a sound like a car.

Reality: it is necessary to summarize the first two points, as resistance on the way gas is not accidental. Since the engine sucks and throws them with greater frequency fluctuations occur and creates a resonance that allows to introduce a mixture of inertia and withdraw gas from the engine. It is targeted all pipe diameters, lengths, angles, bends and resistance. Changes in any detail what leads to the rest of the structure unusable. The third point: the installation of rear disc brakes. The logic that drives steeper drums, it would be better to slow down.

Reality: The weight of the vehicle when braking is moved to the front axle, the rear unloading at Zhiguli ass better forehand, and the standard drums with a vengeance to cope with this small mass. the effect will be seen when the ass is heavily loaded (full interior and kartofan in the trunk).

The fourth point: the installation disk with a smaller flight or spacers to expand the track. Logic wheels - the beauty, the track is wider, better road holding.

Reality: the removal of the wheels on the standard mount to increase the load on the bearing is formed by a lever.
The design of the suspension of any vehicle is calculated according to weight, size and other parameters of the heap. Installation of the remote disk that is what brings - the axis of rotation of the wheel is exactly in the center. If the disk with the removal, there is a difference between internal and external width of the tire, with respect to the axis. The outer side is larger than the inner arm and the wheel is trying to turn spontaneously. As a result, the steering wheel is pulled out from the hands.
By turning his fists suspension rotated at different angles (Ackerman), with an increase in track width, rotation angles stray and get a toe or divergence of the wheels to turn.

The fifth point: cutting the standard springs on the n-number of turns, while maintaining the standard length of the shock absorber. Logic, wheelbarrow lies below.

Reality: When fully lowered suspension (by stroke shock absorber) in the standard version are in the spring preload, it allows her not to fly at working wheels down. trimmed spring will jump up out of alignment, or may jump. There are two choices, either to set a shorter shock absorber or suspension tie (using cables, straps) limiting the downward stroke.

that's it.

If you have decided to do something with your car, such as to improve it or customize. Think several times whether it is necessary to you. And try to fully explore the topic you planned improvements.



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