Jeno - the sixth patriarch of Zen

Having become enlightened, the sixth patriarch of Zen Jeno was the fifth patriarch of the cup and clothes that were passed by the Buddha, his successors from generation to generation. A monk named Aimee envy followed the patriarch to take away from it is a great treasure. Jeno cup and put clothes on a roadside stone and said Aime:

- These items - a symbol of faith. It makes no sense to fight for them. If you so want to own them, can take.

When Aimee tried to take clothes and a cup, they were excessively heavy. Trembling with shame, he said:

- I came for the scientist, not the material treasures. Teach me, please.

The Patriarch said:

- When you do not think about the good and not think about the good that is your true nature? At these words Aime sight.

Someone asked the Master Teacher Suzuki its Jeno:

- What was special about him?

Suzuki said:

- The only feature I will never forget, is that I have never met a man who would have thought of myself as a completely ordinary man. He was a simple, ordinary person, and this is the most unusual, because every ordinary mind thinks he's extraordinary.


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