Summer Olympic Games in London in 2012 (13 photos)

What are the Olympic venues will meet fans in 2012 in London.

1. Aerial view of the Olympic Stadium. 80 thousand spectators can watch here for various sporting events during the Summer Olympic Games 2012. (Tom Shaw / EPA)

2. Balloons in the morning sky over London on July 25. Exactly one year before the Olympic Games seven balloons rose into the air above the city as part of a joint project of Greater London Authority, the London organizing committee of the Divine Land Marching Band and the 30th anniversary of the London International Theatre Festival. (Andrew Winning / Reuters)

3. Olympic mascot Venlok (left) and the Paralympic mascot Mandeville in a school in London. Olympic mascots were created from the last drops of steel left over from the construction of the Olympic Stadium last backup. (Matt Dunham / AP)

4. Aerial view of the Cricket Stadium, where the competition will be held in archery at the Olympics 2012. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

5. Here is the basketball arena in London from the inside. Building basketball arena for 12 thousand seats for the 2012 Olympics held in just 15 months. Stadium is the fourth completed building in the Olympic Park. Builders are not only met the allocated budget, and completed the work on time, just in time for the first test in August. (Dave Tully / ODA via AP)

7. Aerial view of the «North Greenwich Arena», also known as the "Dome", which will host gymnastics, trampoline, basketball and wheelchair basketball. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

7. Aerial view of the center «Lee Valley White Water Centre», which will be held slalom canoeing. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

8. July 4 in London Nina Ligon is Thailand to compete in riding in Greenwich Park. Competition in the riding was one of the first events of the London Olympic Committee before the Olympics 2012. (Olivia Harris / Reuters)

9. Aerial view of the stadium "Wembley", which will be held football competitions. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

10. Here is the arena for handball in the London Olympic Park. It was the third building, completed for the Olympics. (David Poultney - Locog Handout / EPA)

11. Aerial view of the "Wimbledon", which will be competitions in tennis. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

12. Aerial view of the street Mall, where there will be a marathon, Race Walking and cycling. (Tom Shaw / Getty Images)

13. The Chairman of the London Olympic Committee, Sebastian Coe with a new torch for the Olympic Games 2012. The opening ceremony of the runners carrying the Olympic flame, will run through the territory of the United Kingdom 12 874 km. (Geoff Caddick / AFP - Getty Images)


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