Top 10 strange competition

10th place: Japan: competition catching eels. On the big rink set pool, and release to hundreds of eels. Participants will hand out rubber boots, gloves and protective helmet. Difficult test - to catch the nimble eel and bring it on the slippery ice to his bucket. For each caught eel, which is considered expensive in Japan and valuable delicacy, it is believed a free piece of smoked eel and gglavny prize is 50 thousand yen - about five hundred dollars.

9th place: In Goldap (Poland) conducted World Championship wearing wives. It is necessary to carry his mistress as far as possible and get the prize: the beer, which is equivalent to the weight of the weight of the spouses.

8th place: The United Arab Emirates - camel racing for the prize of the President. Several hundred camels they are more frisky and hardy than the males compete for a week on the road 8 km to the city verblyudodrome Vasby at Abu Dhabi. Specially selected and trained camels can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, breaking the day up to 300 km. Thus camels run boys jockeys weighing not more than 25 kg. The cost of the running of a camel with a good pedigree can be up to several hundred thousand dollars.

7th place: on about. Fiji, in the park of a bitch, is held annually to raise competition in the coconut palms. Record time showed 22 August 1980 in the park bitch resident of Western Samoa Fuatay Solo, who climbed barefoot on the 9th palm 4, 88.

6th place: Ireland competitions in walking marched. The fastest walker marched 1, 6 km in 5 minutes 35 seconds.

5th place: In Nersboro (England) held the annual race on the beds. The record time is 12 minutes 9.

4th place: In Hungary (Budapest) conduct national competitions in collecting Rubik's Cube. Officially recorded an absolute record belongs to the Frenchman - Jacqueline Thibault, who in May 2007 gathered cube 9, 86 seconds. Within the championship competitions are held high complexity: for example, participants are encouraged to collect cube blindfolded or with one hand.

3rd place: Singapore hosts traditional race plastic ducks that are commonly used to distract children while washing in the bathroom. The organizers of the competition is launched more than 100 thousand plastic ducks, and participants floating kayak should get rid of the water of the greatest number.

2nd place: In England competitions in underwater pumpkin carving «The Underwater Pumpkin Carving Competition». Armed with pumpkins, knives and torches underwater divers descend to the bottom of the lake and cut pumpkin different figures. Viewers see an exciting spectacle: at a depth of about two meters there are twinkling and sparkling silhouettes of ghosts.

1st place: In Italy, an annual competition held for the destruction of mosquitoes. Wearing bathing suits and long socks, the participants gather in Lomellina Valley, south of Milan, to kill as many insects with their bare hands. Each of the contestants for five minutes should kill insects and collect their dead bodies, the number of which will be determined the winner. Champion receives six piglets, silver medalist - two ostriches, and bronze medalist - 500 eggs.


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