Beliefs about luck lead to success

As a result of studies conducted by psychologists from the University of California and Columbia University discovered that according to the ideas of luck, people can be divided into two camps: the stable and fleeting. As the name implies, the first group consists of those who feel that luck is a stable, fairly regular occurrence – the person is either lucky or unlucky. For the most part these people think that their life is "lucky". People who believe luck is fleeting phenomenon, was inclined to believe that she has a history of unpredictable UPS and downs.

Most interesting in this study was how participants beliefs about luck are affected by their desire for success. People who perceive their success as something stable, as a rule, have a significantly higher level of desire for success than those who see it as a temporary phenomenon. Partially the relationship between luck and achievement motivation stems from the fact that the people who have conviction about the stability of good luck, more felt control of the situation. And this makes sense: if You believe that luck is permanent and applies to all spheres of Your influence, You most likely will to persevere to the goal. If luck is in Your opinion – a phenomenon transient, You can think "What's the point if she'll back off?", and this skepticism will effectively undermine Your desire to be persistent.

Given the results of a study should think about what luck is for You, as it really can be the key to improving Your life. The vision of UPS and downs as You uncontrolled phenomenon significantly reduces the likelihood of Your future success. It is more useful to adopt the worldview of Thomas Jefferson, who once wrote: "I believe in luck; the harder I work, the luckier you become".

Quite simple in design, this study includes the important element which is worth considering. Deep down what we consider luck? If we can grasp the idea of it as a permanent phenomenon, we can not only become the most successful, but also to achieve maximum success in life. You already believe that You are lucky?



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