Our beliefs are only dreams of the mind

The theme of the projections, beliefs and mental programs permeates all the texts to which attached. There have been periods when it seemed that the more is there to talk about, and then revealed such things to the hair on his head moved. And perhaps the ways in which reality presents itself to our eyes – in General, do not have any points of finite understanding.

Usually we do not notice how life changes its quality, even when it happens before our eyes. Only that all was well, and suddenly it's "all" got corrupted... And after another half an hour again blossomed and shone.

And confidence in each new perception – almost certainly, if life is really so radically changed, and each time the long haul. Became good – and the future for decades to come was illuminated by the rays of success. Five minutes later the mood – and the picture turned out, the future suddenly became tragic road into the darkness.

The whole absurdity of the situation – how selflessly we buy into these dreams of the mind, taking shaky illusion of another persuasion in the real situation, stretched in the years ahead.

Thus stubbornly refuse to notice their own blatant inconsistencies. Well, not the reality of every hour to change their plans for decades to come! It's not life is so capricious and fickle, and our perceptions. All the challenges and joys – in my head.



I want to improve the quality of life? You can always chase the external horizon, while the attention will not go to the real problem – the illusion that we conducted, each time taking them for enduring reality. This realism is of thoughts – they are the most insidious trait.

In a bad mood man sees no reason to work with your perception, because the magical power of his condition draws for him the illusion of problematic reality in the most rewarding live experiences. That is, when life seems shitty, it does not occur that the whole thing is the personal mental projections, because these projections masterfully convinced in the existence of some real problems.

Beliefs – these are mental bubbles. Their main feature – with the help of their rainbow of radiance to convince us that realitythat these bubbles paint. POPs up the belief, and the consciousness immediately immersed in a virtual world, strongly believing in its reality.

Of course, there are physical events. For example, if a man fell in a puddle to return to a comfortable state, you have to get up, go to shower and change. And this event becomes, when does a mental slip, blocking direct action to establish your situation. On the subject walks on the network popular meme about the motivation of the person who wants to pee, but starts to make excuses – they say he can't afford it, because busy, or too tired, lost hope, stopped because of depression, or someone distracted.

There are also events that in the current environment, change is really unrealistic, and with them remains reconciled. The wicked witch could not the same day to become Holy and good-natured, stupid – smart, soldier – a General, old – young. Similarly, when there is no appropriate motivation, it is impossible to learn something, to build with someone relations, engage in health, to get rich. And this is perfectly normal.

But we used to think that you have to be hardworking, friendly, able, harmonious – just because you have. And who can not – he is guilty and should be ashamed. As if there are any real-life laws on the basis of which people can't accept themselves, to accept themselves and their lives – as is. Therefore, our company decided to break themselves, being bent in a perfect pose, or suffer from remorse and humiliation.

The Dalai Lama is credited with a great phrase: "If the problem can be solved, it is not necessary to worry about, if it can not be solved, then worrying about it is useless". And that's all. In this reality there are no worthy causes for concern. Can and want to do something, do it. Can't or don't want to move on.


It turns out that the true problem – not the events, but only experiences. But do not say much about the futility of worry, the mind of such admonition becomes meditative, because beliefs continue to persuade, but the body whole life chasing illusory horizons, in trying to establish and equip...

Beliefs – it's all the same mental projections. They differ from the General stream of thinking that these thoughts without any doubt, we obediently accept at face value like some kind of solid support of life itself.

If one is convinced that happiness lies in the huge amount of money, he will never be happy for longer than five minutes. Too quickly a new standard of living becomes normal and everyday, while continuing to deliver the expected eternal high. And most importantly, that while the original belief, because of which started all this fuss, not going anywhere, and it is also subtly influenced and convinced that happiness in the usual everyday life not because it is something that transcends everyday life.

It turns out with each new upgrade of life – all the same thing, only ten times more expensive. When the conviction again and again adjusts to the new more elegant terms, the chase continues. Such a purpose is hunting for the eternal "tomorrow", which by its nature cannot be here and now.

When a person has the belief that he does not want work from two units. First – you can be happy only when you need someone. Second – if you don't, then you are a low-quality, and should be ashamed of their presence in this reality. With such conviction and "happiness" is constantly changing places with anxiety and depression. Approaching important people brings a buzz, any threat of separation, suffering.

If one is convinced that it is not something to love, life itself is perceived as something hostile to the strict and problematic. And no matter how much you achieved and how you would neither appreciate the community, any praise will be perceived as something absurd about, and criticism as deserved punishment.

If a person is convinced that his work should be done impeccably, he becomes a perfectionist – hostage to perfection. On the one hand, such a belief can lead to impressive results, with another – is fraught with neurotic self-flagellation for the mistakes, and at times blocks any initiatives in order not to feel the humiliating awareness of their own imperfections.

A person can be wrongly convinced of its low value, unattractiveness, worthlessness, inadequacy, some kind of external threat, fatal punishments for minor mistakes, a ban on the expression of their thoughts and feelings, the selfishness of others, in total self-control, that the people before him any obligations.

Such mental bubbles can be any number. Sometimes in the mind of one person, they are interwoven in such combinations, that life itself begins to seem soundly depressed gloomy hopeless maze.

The images on the screen


All our problems are understanding. Here the person understands that all the "bad", and he immediately becomes bad. Energy projection, which is believed as a reality, instantly energizes a space of consciousness and attention.

Projection is a "magical" force that can inspire anything, and even in the minds of quite adequate person, a Holy belief can become some sort of absurd nonsense. The stronger we believe in their projections, the more powerful their influence on life.

Every person is a potential projections. Every event encourages the mind to turn in a certain direction. In our government – to take this self-revelation at face value or begin to doubt, at least in those beliefs that clearly interfere with life.

Sometimes that problem has ceased to bother enough to look and something to say. When something negative is blurred becomes clear, and ceases to scare, or even dissolved in the understanding that there is no problem at all.

In addition, the specification of the "problem", allows you to secede from it, and look at what was happening. It happens literally. Only that consciousness has been captured by the projection and was identified with the dream projection casts, and then this veil or decreases, or shrinks to a tiny idea in respect of which the applicable action.

Similarly, when bought on positive thinking, get a good attitude. But my third-party observations show that all sorts of visualization and affirmations can not give a sustainable effect because they are disproportionately weaker than the entrenched beliefs.

As if people themselves are not hypnotic, deep projection will take precedence over the superficial, and all positive attitudes are dissolved with such an unpleasant sediment, if the positive side of life – deceit, and the negative is the truth. Such a view may be another false negative belief. The reality destroys all false, therefore, initially necessary to rely on the truth. And negative and positive distortion is counterproductive.

Fortunately, almost all bad beliefs about life is through and through illusory. All the most terrible of understanding about themselves and their lives, the entire burden of samsara is in the mind. Apparently, even physical pain without thought does not cause suffering, because to suffer in this situation no one. All problems of the mind, they are our little fantasies.

No wonder Castaneda one of the main practices is stopping the internal dialogue. And Eastern teachings advocate meditation, because this practice can distract from the deep sleep in which we enthusiastically relish the melodramatic dreams of the mind. In the same direction quite successfully digs and modern psychology – in particular, cognitive therapists work specifically with beliefs.

Dreams of mind

A bad mood is like negative self-hypnosis, which in advanced stages leads to depression. Immune experience depression useful when you start to pay conscious attention to your automatic reactions. In this sense, depression sinking inexperience, when not yet acquired the skill to catch your own negative projections of the tail.

Initially, this capture starts in the advanced stage – when the negative state is fully captured. The next stage projection is still time to create your Wraith, but works pre-set a mental "alarm clock" reminder about the insidious nature of projections. At an advanced stage – thoughts are not captured and safely carried, not developing to the level of illusory dramas. This, of course, a highly simplified view of the process. In practice here, lots of nuances.

We are self-hypnotized and driven into such a framework, when happiness begins to depend on conditions. The belief that happiness can't be just so, and is a consequence of owning something is the cause of all the possible painful dependencies.

Life is such a fascinating game. But once in this game arises bet come problem. The stronger the belief that happiness is the consequence of possessing a certain income, a set of things, someone's society, the stronger is happiness mixed with fear of losing all of these conditions.

To believe that happiness must be earned – a mistaken belief, plunging into the millstone of karmic causes and effects. Which would be burdensome, seems karma is just a set of beliefs that, in turn, attract emotions and moods.

In other words the backbone of this whole dual sansenoy colossus, which we so enthusiastically bogged down, is an illusion – only a shaky faint idea without any real reason. But the strength of our faith in the reality of thought, it is perceived as true reality.


Ellen Henriksen: learn to refuse without feeling guilty

Comfort zone. In or out


It is useful to be able to doubt their beliefs. Sincerely. We don't know what life is. Nobody knows. It is useful to be able to understand and accept this fact, and not being tired from the world of snobs. You cannot be tired from life, it only occurs from the worn-out illusions.

Counseling ideally is based on the trapping of such, distorting the pure perception of illusions, and verification of all these glitches on realism.

The deeper I dig the subject, the more I realize how all-encompassing it permeate our entire lives. published


© Igor Satorin


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