Poor vision: 10 reasons you don't tell the doctors

If you have sits vision you can use contact lenses or to wear glasses. You can also offer medical correction. But why you have blurry vision? After reading about the ten most common causes, you learn that vision problems are not only of a physical nature.

According to WHO, today more than 285 million people worldwide have some vision problems, from myopia and hyperopia blindness.

Most cases of visual impairment does not constitute a serious interference to life and work. 43% of all vision problems – this is nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism that are corrected by glasses and contact lenses.

Nevertheless, official statistics says that 80% of all visual impairments can be cured.

Poor eyesight: causes. Medicine or psychology?

The state of our body directly connected with the psychic field. The human body is an integrated whole in which mental and physical mutually influence each other.

Just as physical health affects the mental state, psychological problems can manifest themselves at the level of the body.

Vision problems, if they don't have genetic causes, in one way or another connected with difficulties in the psychic life of man.

The problem is that medical treatment resolves the manifestation of the disease on the physical level, while the real cause of the disease remains. As a result, the disease can recur or bad to treat.

Work with a psychologist allows you to identify the real cause of visual impairment and eliminate it.

The symptom has the value: what indicates disease?

Why spoil the vision? Answers can be many. Blurred vision is an attempt to adapt to the current situation, in a sense, to protect the person, to restrict from their traumatic experiences. Let us consider the possible causes of myopia and hyperopia, as well as other violations.

In all these cases, the symptom draws the person's attention to something important and at the same time is an attempt to resolve.

If vision deteriorates, you should carefully consider the problem that indicates a disease and to find a more effective solution.

Where to look for the causes of vision problems?

Blurred vision may be due to personal history of the person, and the story of his family and clan.

Our life is a continuation of the life of our ancestors. From generation to generation, sort is passed a certain view of life and the experience of past lives.

This experience includes not only the ability to get out of difficult situations, which was learned by our ancestors. Together with him we receive and the problems that they were unable to cope. These problems will have to learn to deal with us – the present generation.

On the other hand, at the level of strategies and unconscious experiences, we get flashbacks of traumatic events, heavy fate, unrealized dreams, unfulfilled love...

All these things have certain we embody and manifest in their lives.

As part of the family, we are inextricably linked with our loved ones. The condition of one family member affects the others. We have the opportunity to influence each other and help each other. Sometimes our help is that some of the problems of a loved one we take. Sometimes the help appears to accomplish anything else. For example, to implement the unfulfilled dream close in my own life.

Anyway, man can not be taken out of the context of relations with your loved ones and your family. Therefore, not all problems in life due to a personal psychological state, or personal history.

10 psychological reasons for the deterioration of vision, which you don't tell the doctors

If you have eyesight problems, you will be offered glasses or lenses, or dorogostayskaya medical correction. However, the cause of the disease may find, eliminate and get rid of vision problems. Consider the examples that often lead to vision problems.


Reason 1. Unwillingness to see something.

In the most General sense, any impairment of vision is a conscious or unconscious desire to ignore something important in your life. In this sense, problems with vision is an unconscious attempt to protect themselves from too strong emotions or excessively heavy events.

Problems with vision can be caused not only personal difficulties, but also events in the family or the lives of their ancestors. Sometimes too hard life story of one of the relatives affects the next generations.

Problems with vision may be associated with "excluded", i.e. those people whose existence in the family, for any reason, denied, or suppressed (extramarital partners; lost during the war relatives; children placed in other families or children's homes).


2. the cause of The prohibition to look at something.

In childhood you were forbidden to watch movies with erotic scenes? Communications in nonlinear psychology. Sometimes this is undoubtedly the right thing to do parents turns, for example, the girl's own rejection of femininity and inability to look at this problem.Bans may be associated with silencing of certain information, shame, guilt, fear in the family system.

Cases of alcoholism, domestic violence, theft, betrayal – all that hushed, all that "can't see", sooner or later finds its manifestation in our lives or the lives of our loved ones.


Reason 3. Fear.

Though the fear of eyes and large, however, hif only we had better close her eyes to avoid seeing frightening events.

Can we turn from the grave events that have already happened. And besides, can experience fear of the future. Lack of prospects, lack of confidence, frightening independence – all of which can lead to the development of myopia or other disorders of visionI.


Reason 4. Pain.

Frequent quarrels in the family, traumatic experiences, the pain of parting and the pain of loneliness, grief and loss – you need a lot of courage and strength to not turn away from these events, open to look at them.


Reason 5. Anger.

A socially undesirable feelings, especially anger, are suppressed. Repressed feelings usually find their outlet in bodily symptoms.When you are angry, your pupils and eyelids narrowed. Myopic person squints, in a sense, repeating the facial expressions of person who gets angry.

To the suppression of anger leads many events in the family. By itself anger is a very strong feeling, so depressed, it can easily be passed to the next generation.

For example, our grandparents often lived in a strict Patriarchal way of life. Women in such families sometimes anger can accumulate over the years. This feeling is very deeply suppressed, being replaced by actually caring for the family and love to your loved ones. But one day, decades later, the anger can find a way out and after one or two generations to manifest itself, particularlythrough the vision problems.


Reason 6. The desire to "disappear."

In the far-distant childhood, each of us believed: if you close your eyes, others you will not be seen. If you are scared, if it is bad, if you are hurt and feel out of place, you can squint and everything. You don't. Sometimes this faith is manifested in adulthood in the form of vision loss.


Reason 7. "Tell me you didn't."

Parental attitudes is the greatest power of all who rule our lives. "Get out of my sight", "out of sight", "eyes Again flooded", "Yeah I wish I was blind to just not see it!" – all these words may or may not relate to us directly.

If, for example, their mother says to the father, the child of a great love for the Pope, as if out of solidarity, can unconsciously begin to fulfill my mom's "covenants". In the vast majority of cases, the child in the family quarrels on the side of the weak, the accused party, to align the balance in the family.


Reason 8. Unrealistic perception of reality.

– Look, after all, was he hitting you again!

– No, he accidentally. He's just tired at work. He loves me.

Embellishing events or idealizing it, people might not notice obvious things. To build a house of cards of his imagination, it is necessary to erase from the consciousness, not to see the real aspects of reality.


Reason 9. The need to look at yourself.

Myopia as the inability to see far objects, can point us to the need to pay more attention to his inner world. What caused this need – excessive orientation to others, unfulfilled need or something else – you can find out in individual work with a psychologist.


The reason 10. The call to look to the outside world.

If myopia tends to focus on itself, the causes of hyperopia can be to look at what is happening around you, think about the future, concentrate on your goals. What exactly is trying to tell you a symptom, you will be able to understand, turning on the full-time appointment to the psychologist.

Family constellations: visual recovery

The exact cause of poor vision can be found by using the method of system constellations.

Disposition method short-term therapy, so in order to perform and solve the problem of visual impairment in most cases requires one arrangement, which will take 1-1,5 hours of your time.

Sometimes health problems can be layered, have multiple causes, so an effective solution will need to make several setups with the difference in 2-3 months.


Psychosomatic diseases of the pancreasPsychosomatics glaucoma


If nearsightedness, farsightedness and other vision problems do not have organic causes, you will feel a positive result within 3 months. If for vision correction need medical care, the arrangement will facilitate and significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment as it will eliminate the cause of the disease. published


Author: Irina Ishchenko


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