HOW LUCKY PER zodiac signs

Under What are the signs of the Zodiac are hidden people who are luckier than the rest?

Success comes only when you act. Home path - a prerequisite of any outcome. We are all different, someone reads before bed to sleep tight, and for someone to drink the best sleeping pills. Some animals feed on the streets, while others boldly kicked pets "in the rain." We like different colors, we go to different purposes, are looking for different orientations and think every one in his direction. The world is not ruled by one right choice, so the world is limitless in terms of tastes, sometimes even wonder that every product is a buyer.

Zodiac Signs have a clear view of the nature of people. According to this theory, we all differ in the date of birth, that it affects our character, selection and orientation. If dozens of years, people continue to read horoscopes and go to astrologers that means there is some truth in each prediction, horoscope and other mystical phenomena.

We all miss sometimes a bit of luck, success - this is the finish line, to which we aspire. Winning is calling us, because we all want to live better, more active, happier and financially independent. Can we help in this star? Of course, if we are attentive to their marks:

It is the representatives of this sign of special luck in lotteries. They win everything and always. Eternal winners in gambling. But the money from this in Aries becomes longer. They always they spend them on something small, insignificant and unimportant. They are generous, which does not allow them to buy the best of everything and relax more often than they do today. Aries likes to drink, so it can easily lower the money "in the toilet." But Fortune did not lose heart, and every day offers them more and more doors.

Taurus - magnets for money. They do not know what the "last penny in my pocket." His main gift - the diligence and hard work, he was not waiting for Fortuna turn to face him, he deploys it in the right direction. Taurus is always the first on the job, it is difficult to beat, so in the field of career he has no equal. Career - it's his horse.

Money is like the sign of the zodiac. Twins are able to sell any thing, right to use the information. They have the talent to enter the trust and get away with any situation. Fate loves those lucky. Their oratorical skills and the ability to survive in any situation raises them on a pedestal of Fortune. They are always surrounded by the right people, so they know anyone in the "correct" the structure or organization. And all thanks to their gift "to find a common language with everyone." The money will go to the smell of Gemini. They rarely sit penniless and alone.

Cancer does not always lucky, or rather rare and lucky in everything. Each his victory he has earned. He does not believe in the gift of fate, so it is not particularly generous to him. Why waste energy on those who do not appreciate the work of others? Sensual Cancer likes to be spared, but at the same time hate pity. From what he himself had suffered. Cancer hide his pleasure at receiving specific portions of pity, pretending he did not need this generosity. His mink - his comfort zone. He did not need luck, he wants stability and comfort. For cancer luck - is confidence in the future, so they do not get success in the extent that could.

The kings of beasts never do extra effort. They have a special gift to lead, so they are "victims" who perform all the work for them. Lions spend their free time enjoying the freedom, they do not need to spend your precious time for any nonsense. Leo rules the world and fortune, he is resourceful, so you always know where to get easy money. He did not see with an outstretched hand, because a sense of pride in his body is living separate lives. Leo risks to the maximum, so he either receives millions or go bare "backwards." All on the line otherwise the game will not.

Fortune often bypasses the Dev side, because their sober look at things and pragmatic calculation killed around their aura of "luck." They are not at risk, because there is no logic. Dev vindictive nature does not allow them to fully relax and let the situation take its course, so they are not the favorites of fortune are not in one of the spheres of life. All of them come through hard work and finding happiness. Constant introspection keeps them in a tone that does not allow them to enjoy the decrees of Destiny. The desire to keep abreast of depriving them of the main thing - good luck.

Libra - the eternal fighters for justice. They do not accept a gift of fate, Libra try to earn all the best on your way. They are rarely driven, because they are more lazy than industrious, more break than they do, less likely to receive, often losing. Therefore Libra is almost always impatient and aggressive towards other luck. But there is an advantage - they deserve all that now have an honest living, and their energy.

Lucky in all areas. Beginning and ending love affairs work, people everywhere are in the first place, the pedestal - their favorite place. They are not afraid to take risks, so are more likely to get what they want. Scorpio appreciates herself and believe that the success - of his reliable partner. He - the eternal winner by nature and by law, he's confident in his abilities, and uses every opportunity presented to him. He did not hesitate to go over the corpses, because he is a true Spartan, and believes that wins and only the strongest survive. His faith in themselves - a magnet for good luck and fortune.

Sagittarius God gives everyone what they lack: love, money, career, finds and discoveries, because they are lazy, stubborn. That is when they need to, they are lazy, but when there is no opportunity to fool around, they work and are looking for ways to win. Luck pleases their portions. Today, one scoop of ice cream, and tomorrow at the second attempt, you can give them, and the whole pack of sweets in bulk. The main thing for them not to give up and believe in themselves.

Capricorns love hard, they can be afraid, be respected, but not love. He - a tyrant who is not ashamed to pour out all his negative on colleagues, friends or family members. He was not particularly lucky, Capricorn is usually "gnaws" win their character traits, a cunning plan and loud hysterics. Fortuna is not particularly pleased with the representatives of this sign, but always give them a second chance. When Fate closes the door in front of them, then immediately opens the window for a "Plan B».

People of this sign live in their reality. They fly in the clouds and require others impossible. Aquarius indifferent to everything that people think about them, they are visionary and vizualisty his personal universe. Fate often gives them a good gift, but they do not appreciate them, because always want more. They are hard to please, so few people trying to do it. Fortune would glad to help them more often, but they do not appreciate it we launched.

Pisces luck always true waves. If they have a full cup of love, the operational issues a complete failure. If at all the chocolate, the sadness of love and longing. They - the eternal thinkers, so look for success every day in a new way. What yesterday seemed luck today may become regularity. But fate does not get tired to present them with gifts mild daily luck. Fish spare others, so their assistance they reveal all their omnipotence and power, which for them is some sort of happiness.

All the signs of the zodiac have their own individual characteristics and features of someone more luck, someone less, but it is important to remember that success is always on the side of those who try. Without the first step does not appear the way forward, without the first attempt will not be a new start. We suggest you start, and the road will, and success in every way - a mandatory companion.

Marina Poznyakova


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