Roter Sand. Most lone hotel

Lighthouse Roter Sand is located 30 miles from the coast of Bremerhaven in Lower Saxony. About 10 years ago it was converted into a hotel, and tourists began to arrive here, but to the construction of more than 125 years.

Roter Sand was built in 1885, at that time it was a technological marvel. It was the world's first building constructed on the seabed at a depth of 22 meters. 80 years in the red-black-and-white lighthouse met sailors on their way to the port. In 1964, the steel base of the lighthouse was considered unstable, and it was decommissioned

In 1987, a large-scale operation on the recovery and restoration of the lighthouse was launched. The Association for the Rescue of monuments restored exterior, interior and the foundation of a 31-meter lighthouse. The first visitor was here in 1999, and since then the hotel beacon received 5500 tourists during the day, of which 800 to stay here overnight. A good use for the abandoned structures in Russia are also many abandoned lighthouse, but there is unlikely to implement such projects

It is surprising that before the lighthouse visitors come here with a large basket on the ropes. Now guests can climb the stairs to the special safe, which is quite comfortable. In the picture in 1929 shows how this worked cart

The lighthouse can take the night up to 6 people at the same time, there is a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Cooking food tourists should themselves, there is no electricity and heating, and alcohol is forbidden for safety reasons, as to the toilet are 70 fairly steep steps


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