The RIGHT exercises for scoliosis for 1, 2, 3 degrees

What exercises should you choose in scoliosis?


For the prevention and treatment of scoliosis there are many different techniques and exercises. But to recommend them to everyone impossible. Everything must be individually.

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Different degree of curvature different exercises?


If you have a scoliosis of 1 degree – exercises you can do. If you are unsure of which side of the back you need to relax and which to strengthen – do synchronised exercises. They will help to strengthen the muscles and reduce the risk of progression.

If you have a scoliosis of 2 degrees you can do the same exercises. But the larger effect will be in the classroom with a qualified professional. When you do this, be sure about your health. If increased pain, worsening of appearance of the back is to stop training and to find another doctor. It is definitely a difficult process, especially in small towns, but do not continue employment with such symptoms.

To recommend exercises for scoliosis of 3 degrees in absentia it is impossible. Here you need to communicate with eye to eye – with such a degree of curvature only need an individual approach.



Below are the exercises for scoliosis. The right shows how to do it, and the left – prohibited exercises in scoliosis.

1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs. Need to lean against the wall with his back and bend the knees at a 90 degree angle. This will help to avoid increased stress on the knees.

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2. Exercises for stretching the hamstring and back you need to perform lying – it allows to reduce the compressive load in the lumbar spine. In the position lying on your back straighten one leg, other leg to pull and straighten.

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3. Exercise for back of the thigh and hip joint do the right thing in the following way. In standing position supporting leg slightly bent and the other straighten and to put on the heel. To pull a sock on itself, until there is light tension in the thigh muscles.

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4. Exercise for stretching back muscles should be performed in the supine position. Bending your knees, trying to reach forehead.

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5. To stretch the hamstring and lumbar spine you need to sit on my lap, lean forward and place your hands on your heels. It is not necessary to give dynamic loading of the spine is not conducive to the stretching of the back muscles.

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6. To stretch the so-called rectifiers back you need to get up on all fours, with hands and feet should be at shoulder width, arms slightly bent at the elbows. Of this position is to "round off" the back.

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7. When stretching the back of the thigh one foot should be placed on low altitude and closer to her. If the foot is placed too high, the muscles of the lower back to obtain a very high load.

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8. To stretch the anterior surface of the trunk need to lie down, direct hands to take behind your head and try to get the floor brush.

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9. To stretch muscles of the torso front should take its original position as in exercise 5. Hands pull forward and try to get the floor shoulders and chest.

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10. For the exertion of all the muscles of the body should be in a standing position raise the arms up on bent at the elbows at 90 degrees and try to take back as much as possible.published  

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