Passenger ferry on the hydrogen accelerates to 35 knots

Scientists of the Sandia national laboratories proved during their two-year study of the feasibility of the project to create and launch high-speed passenger ferry that runs exclusively on hydrogen fuel.

"Research has shown that it is technically possible to create high-speed steam engine on hydrogen with zero emissions. We are also confident that this can be done with observance of all norms and standards," said Joe Pratt, one of the authors of the project.

In the process of working on the project, scientists examined more than a dozen major factors, the feasibility of which was questionable, and was able to reconcile all of them with your ferry SF-Breeze.

Hydrogen ferries already exist, but most of them are small and slow, they are used for exploring quiet lakes and rivers. SF-Breeze was conceived as a fast and a large passenger ship for 150 people and a maximum speed of 35 knots (approximately 65 km/h). It should make four sailings per day length of about 80 km each and to get gas once in the middle of the day.

To achieve the desired speed of the boat builders had based the design of the catamaran and it lengthened. So they have to distribute the weight of heavy hydrogen elements. And for security purposes, the fuel elements were placed on the main deck in a separate compartment away from the passengers.

Now SF-Breeze equal economic performance diesel ferries, but engineers are not sure whether this figure is at all meaningful. "The example of the automotive market shows that, perhaps not," says Pratt.

"This is something completely new. Now, ships can stop to pollute the atmosphere with their emissions, said Tom Escher, President of Red and White Fleet. — The impact of this invention will affect every shipyard in the country."

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