Healthy spine exercises to increase mobility

The limitation of the spine is a compensatory response that protects a sore segment from further damage. Therefore, exercises to increase flexibility to introduce physical therapy exercises only as directed by your doctor, after you have developed sufficient strength endurance of the muscles. The younger the child the stronger posture disorders and related diseases, more care should be taken in these exercises.

Exercises for flexibility do not need the younger students — their spine is usually quite lively. In older children and adolescents the mobility of the spine, especially for functional disorders, often get better without special exercises is enough to normalize posture, to relax and stretch strained muscles and improve their strength and endurance.

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It is especially dangerous to develop the mobility of the spine when conservative (without surgery) treatment of scoliosis. But in cases where operative treatment is necessary before surgery is necessary to achieve a good mobility of the spine for a successful treatment in the postoperative period.

To mobilize the spine methods of physical therapy used exercises samovyrazheniya in the supine position, walking on all fours in different positions, visy (gymnastic wall, horizontal bar, rings), the traction on an inclined plane.

All of these exercises except the very traction, and are due to not only their own muscular effort, but the weight of his own body, so when there is insufficient power endurance of muscles, there is a danger of an excessive increase flexibility.

Before to increase mobility in the spine, be sure to consult with a specialist. Thoughtless application of exercise and lack of control the doctor can (sometimes after a short improvement) lead to a sharp deterioration.


Samovyrazheniya performed in the supine position to relieve the load on poznych muscles. It is the most gentle mode of traction. The same exercises in standing and sitting, without muscle unloading, without precautions to use to develop the skill of correct posture.

SP: lying on his back.

1. Pull the arms and shoulders down, head up BB, pulling the cervical spine (exhale), relax (breath).

2. Pull the legs down, head up, and pull the entire spine (exhale), relax (breath).

3. Hold your arms up (over head), pull them up, legs down, stretching the thoracic and lumbar (exhale), relax (breath).

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IP: standing on all fours.

4. Walking on all fours, relying on his knees and brushes you premennych hands. In this position increases the mobility of mainly lower and lumbar spine.

5. Walking on all fours in a semi-deep slope — with the support of knees and elbows. This increases the mobility of the medium and lower parts of the spine.

6. Walking on all fours in a deep inclination — based on the knees and palms, with arms stretched far ahead. In this position develops the mobility of the spine in the cervical and thoracic.

Full chant used mainly as a preventive measure when violations of posture for the most part eliminated.

7. Vis on the hands in torneko or on the gym wall.

8. Vis on the bar or on the gym wall with my back to her with the movements of the legs: alternating flexion and extension legs alternately raise straight legs, lift both your legs straight, raise them to the sides to reduce and lower, etc.

A softer effect visy partial your legs.

9. Standing face to gymnastic wall, or low (chest level) bar, grab it with your hands and lower your pelvis down, bending your knees.


7 signs that your body is something wrongMuscle clamps neck and back: pain relief by changing posture10. Standing on the fourth-fifth rake gymnastic wall facing it, grab the bar at chest height, sit on one leg. The second leg, straighten, lower down, stretch. To return to SP, repeat for the other leg.

11. Perform the same exercise, but back to the gym wall. published  


V. Lukyanenko "a Healthy spine. Recipes and recommendations»




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