38 amazing facts about the human body, of which you probably never knew

Little-known facts about the human body that you porazyatUdivitelnaya design that is the human body, designed to trifles. Facts about the human body, which we invite you to read, help to understand how many interesting things happening in the body and how it is amazing.

  • The average person produces gas 14 times a day (at least 2 times).
    • Every hour we "reset" of about 600,000 particles of skin, and by 70 years of the total weight of the particles is about 47 kg.

      • The respiratory rate slows down with age. During leisure person makes about 12-15 breaths.
        • The nose and ears grow throughout their lives.
          • 80% of the brain - the water.

            • In order to digest themselves, the stomach produces a new mucosa every 3 days.
              • Resolution Eye - 576 megapixels.
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                • A quarter of oxygen and nutrients in the body is used by the brain.
                  • At about the age of 60 to 60% of men and 40% of women begin to snore.

                    • In a healthy person a day produces almost 200 billion red blood cells per day.
                      • With age, people less sweating.
                        • is unique not only fingerprints, but also a "pattern" in the language.

                          • In the body enough iron to make a nail length of 7, 5 cm.
                            • In the morning you higher than in the evening (during the day the spine is compressed).
                              • Another interesting fact about the human body: we are born with 350 bones, then some of the bones fuse together, an adult of 206.
                                • 10% of body weight accounted for bacteria and 14% - on the bone.

                                  • red blood cells can "swim" the entire body in 20 seconds.
                                    • Babies are born without kneecaps. They are formed from two years.
                                      • The drop of blood contains 250 million cells.
                                        • The fingerprints appear in the fetus in the third month .
                                          • A healthy liver can be filtered 720 liters of blood per day.
                                            • The heartbeat - a sound that emit closing valves of the heart.

                                              • For 15-20 seconds after the separation of the head from the body of the person is conscious.
                                                • The growth of the human genes determine not, and growth hormone.
                                                  • When you sneeze man accelerates the air up to speed 166 km / h.
                                                    • The heart of women beating more often than men.
                                                      • After the death of the body starts to dry up, which creates the illusion of growth of hair and nails.

                                                        • After eating a man dulled hearing (an interesting fact about the human body, which can be useful in life).
                                                          • An adult is about 7 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 atoms.
                                                            • Belching in space is not possible because of the lack of gravity, through which gas and water in the stomach are separated.
                                                              • The fastest way to grow hair on his beard.

                                                                • In the cold improves memory and concentration.
                                                                  • The most durable substance organism - the tooth enamel.
                                                                    • Man It glows in the dark, but the bioluminescent glow is so faint that the human eye does not see.
                                                                      • No saliva you will not feel the taste.

                                                                        • In the blink activated more than 200 muscles.
                                                                          • Skin gastric juices will burn a hole in it.
                                                                            • < Tickle yourself is impossible. ul>


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