13 interesting geographical facts (13 photos)

1. The shortest place name - «Å», it is located in Sweden and Norway. In Scandinavian languages ​​«Å» means "river". The image above - one of the newly replaced road signs - they are frequently stolen as souvenirs.


2. The largest city in the world - (area) Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia (China), an area of ​​square kilometers 263 953 (102 000 sq. Miles).

3. Lesotho, Vatican and San Marino - the only countries completely surrounded by the territory of another state. Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa, and the Vatican and San Marino are closely adjacent to Italy.

4. The second longest in the world is the geographical name of «Taumatawhakatangihangak oauauotamateaturipukaka pikimaungahoronukupokaiwhe nua kitanatahu» (85 letters), which is given to the hill in New Zealand, and the Maori language means "there was Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who was trying to climb up the cliff but he slipped while playing the flute your favorite. " It was the longest until recently (though the Guinness Book of Records still regards it as the longest), but has been supplanted by the name of Krung thep maha nakorn amorn ratana kosin-mahintar ayutthay amaha dilok phop noppa ratrajathani burirom udom rajaniwes-mahasat harn amorn phimarn avatarn sathit sakkattiya visanukamprasit in Thailand (163 characters).

5. In the White Sea, in Russia - the lowest temperature -2 degrees Celsius. Persian Gulf - the warmest sea. In the summer the temperature reaches 35.6 degrees Celsius.

6. San Marino recognized the oldest constitutional republic in the world - it was founded in the year 301 a Christian stonemason fleeing persecution under Emperor Diocletian. Its constitution of 1600 years- one of the oldest written constitution in the world.

7. The deepest hole that has ever drilled a person - Kola ultradeep well in Russia. It reaches a depth of 12,261 meters. The well was drilled for scientific research frontiers of the lithosphere, but because of the enormous technical difficulties with the time the work was suspended, and then completely object "frozen».

8. Because of the convexity of the earth at the equator peak of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador (20,700 feet or 6,310 meters) is the point, the outermost land.

Mariana Trench - the deepest explored rift in the ocean, and the lowest point of the earth's surface. Its depth is currently estimated to 10,971 m. (35,994 ft). The place is located in the Pacific Ocean to the east of the Mariana Islands.

9. Mid-Atlantic Ridge - the longest mountain chain on earth (40 000 km). It is located along the mid-Atlantic. Iceland - the only part of this chain that is above water level. The Andes form the longest "land" in the mountain range 7000 km.

10. Mount Circeo on Cape Sirkeeum on the west coast of Italy was once called Aeaea (5 vowels without consonants in a row). It is considered the oldest, was the home of witches Sears. From other similar names - the city Aiea, Hawaii, and Eiao - one of the Marquises Islands.

11. The Sargasso Sea - an area in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by a few broad trends, and it is - only the sea that has no shore. It is bounded on the west by the Gulf Stream in the north over the North Atlantic, in the east of Canary, and in the south - the North Equatorial Current. This system forms the North Atlantic subtropical currents spiral.

12. Bozumtvi Lake, located in the crater of an ancient meteorite is approximately 8 km in diameter and is the only natural lake in Ghana. It is located about 30 km south-east of Kumasi and is a popular recreation area. On the banks of Bozumtvi located 30 villages with a total population of about 70 000 people.

13. The vast majority of rivers flow toward the equator, and only for the Nile is directed in the opposite direction. In many ways, this river is unique, and until recently it was considered the Nile the longest river in the world (now the palm of the Amazon) tance in the source:


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