Finnish swamp (34 photos)

The girl, who lives in Duval, told us the story of his town, located in the mountain river swamp Snokolmi.
Read and enjoy the scenery of the Gulf of Finland.

The whole history of the northwest coast of North America can be seen in my small town after passing a maximum of 100 meters located in the City of Duvall swamp huge mountain river Snokolmi. Like most old cities Duval built in a swamp for a very simple reason - there is some swamps 100 years ago the river was the only way to travel within the continent. People settled on the marshy banks of rivers (rivers without dams are always unpredictable) caught salmon and beaver, cut trees, gardens on the fertile silt soil. A walk along the rivers of the only transport that time - boats and ships. If you move away from the river in Duval 30 meters, you will come across a wide abandoned railway line and the old rotten poles. Now - this treadmill and picnic spot for local dogs, and once the train went from Duval right up to Chicago. At a time when the development of railways completely killed river transport. And even after 30 meters you will stumble on a highway Monroe Duval North Bend that killed the railway. It was a saying, but a fairy tale will come next. Most residents of Duval long forgotten how it is to live in a swamp, because the house was moved away from the river to the high coastal hills near the highway and the flood people remember except that a couple of times a year, when Duval cuts off water for a few days from the outside world. A couple of years ago I lived in a much large Canadian city of Richmond, a suburb of the city of Vancouver, and the swamp I remembered even less. Richmond - a city of huge shopping malls, tall houses, almost two hundred thousand people. There is even an airport. Not everyone knows, but this huge metropolis is an average of 6 meters below sea level. If it were not for the bulk dam along the sea coast and the Fraser River, Richmond would be returned to the state as it was 100 years ago - in the wet state of the huge puddles. To my shame, having lived in Richmond just over a year, I did not even know that outside the bulk of the hill there is something. And would not have known about it and now if I did not have to run 40 miles to train for a marathon, and I would absolutely do not accidentally chose to route along the seawall on the map on the official tourism website of the city. Oh, What a filthy streets of Richmond! What is being done something, the townspeople? Few trees, a lot of asphalt. This amount of cigarette butts, chewing gum and candy wrappers I have not seen for a long time. Even had upset on the run. To the west of the highway, very nearly run down to the posh expensive Stivston district, close to the historic farm London (it's all there on the official map), I accidentally stumbled upon a village of a few houses, which on the map was not perfect. On the map was a dam along which I was running water and the Fraser River on the other side. In real life, on the other hand was lying Village Finnish Swamp - Finn Slough.

No, this is not the slums of Asia, it is - an area the fourth largest city in the richest province of British Columbia in Canada, a developed country. On rotten piles in the water are at home, through the swamps crossed by narrow creaking tracks, the houses are boats. Between houses beaver swims calmly lit light goes furnace smoke from the chimneys. It is home to real people, about 30 people, many of them - the direct descendants of the first immigrants - Finnish fishermen, in whose honor and named a village. Wires are hanging so low that almost touch the water. Bushes and take their interfere pass. Such great beauty I had not seen for a very long time. In the light of the setting sun that way I would have imagined heaven on earth. When grabbing fertile land, farmers drained the marshes of Richmond and built a protective bulk dam, for some random reason, this engineering has remained a small village on the other side and dams and history. For the modern city of skyscrapers, shopping malls, luxury German cars and houses the average cost of which has already tipped the scales for half a million Finnish Swamp - no more than a sore spot. A sign at the entrance asking random vizitёrov sign a petition in protest against the demolition of the village. Canadians help save Finnish swamp, and?



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