7 amazing ways to dye eggs: no brushes, stickers... Only water and a couple of tricks.

Coloring eggs for Easter is a wonderful tradition, which is a very exciting process. It's so great, at least once a year to escape from all the problems and worries and devote his time to work, and even on the eve of such a feast! In addition, this activity brings good family, because it is very popular with the children.

To do the incomparable Easter eggs is not difficult. Edition "Website" will tell you 8 simple and budget ways of dyeing eggs. They are quite boring, while others will ask you to share the secret of creating this beauty.

How to dye eggs for Easter
  1. Harlequin
    Take the onion peel and finely slice it. Pour raw eggs with cold water and wet one roll in the husk. Further, each egg wrap cheesecloth or nylon tights. Now prepare the paint. Can use food coloring or, for example, to dissolve in a glass of water the contents of the pharmacy bottle of green stuff. Put the prepared eggs into the pot of paint so that they hid under water. Boil until tender.

    Then rinse the eggs with cold water. Next, take the gauze off the husks and rinse under running water. If the dyes do not add, just boil eggs in clean water, they will work in a range of colors, as in the second photo.

    There is another way to achieve marble. For it you need vegetable oil. To get this interesting pattern add to the pan with the dye in the oil to the surface formed circles.

    Put in a solution already prepared eggs, go to shell, covered with a buttery rings: the more the oily streaks, the more "marble" will be the color. Keep the eggs in the paint allotted time — and you're done!

  2. Staining with leaves
    Attach to the shell, the leaves of different plants and wrapped eggs nylon pantyhose. Put them in water with dye in it and boil until fully cooked. Take out, rinse with cold water and take away support materials. You will get a beautiful and clear pattern in the form of a plant leaf.

  3. Eggs in silk fabric
    If you have an old silk ties, they will fit just fine. Slice them and tightly wrap them raw eggs. Put in water and boil until tender. When you remove the cloth, the pattern will remain on the shell. Just bear in mind that the material must be silk.

  4. Staining thread for embroidery
    A little long but very effective method of coloring eggs. You must tightly wrap the eggs with thread floss: can use one color or create different colorful combinations. Boil eggs, take off the skin — and the colorful Easter products ready.

  5. Eggs with gradient
    Boil some eggs and prepare in a small container dye. Gradually lower the eggs into the solution deeper and deeper. So you get a smooth transition from dark shades to light.

  6. Eggs with lace pattern
    A very simple way to give krashenka exquisite pattern. Wrap the egg with lace and dip into the dye. Then rinse in cool water and remove the cloth. These eggs are great to decorate your Easter basket.

  7. Dyeing with wax
    Paint the eggs in a gentle base color. Wait until they are completely dry. Take a candle and show hot dripping wax in different patterns on the shell. Now put the egg in a saturated dye. After dyeing the eggs warm up a little in warm water to easily remove the wax.

Can optionally use different sequins, virku for nails and other materials for decoration. Choose any technique of dyeing eggs and share photos of their Easter eggs in the comments. Don't forget to share these wonderful ways with friends in social networks!

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