That's why men prefer thin women. It is not about looks!

Women need to please men. Of course, we like to say that we put on beautiful outfits and make war paint for myself, but really we want to attract admiring glances strong half and profitable to stand out from the crowd of rivals. And, of course, interested in the weaker sex, what women like men.

All men's tastes are different and, as you know, each product has its own buyer. But anyway, most of the representatives of a strong half of mankind prefer thin women. The editors of the"Site" decided to find out why this is happening. Trust me, it's not that men love with their eyes, and in psychology.

What women love arciniano it is known that overweight is a barrier to a successful and happy personal life. Extra pounds add years, making movement a little clumsy and in most cases undermine your confidence and give rise to complexes.

Overweight women think that men do not find attractive large volumes outside of the bust from a purely aesthetic point of view. But in fact the arguments of men are quite different.

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10 men were asked why they are not attracted to curvy women. We offer you to familiarize yourself with them, then to analyze and draw conclusions.

The responses of men
  1. Beauty, of course, the concept is questionable. Some women are curvy, have a full and got fat. But women don't want to be undersized or poor men... and That we want to choose the best.
  2. I know what it means to be fat and how it affects the emotional state. I'm just worried that if my beloved will have problems with overweight, then it will be psychological problems.
  3. If a girl has excess volume, that only tells that she is unwilling to care for themselves. So, she's not thinking about your health and are very lazy.

  4. Hard to see the true woman behind a large layer of fat.
  5. Thick women don't think about future health problems that they face.
  6. Absolutely no desire to be with a woman who has let himself go. She can our relationship start. I'm a true provider, create comfortable conditions for life, and she should please me with your form and create the beauty around.
  7. I lead a healthy way of life, the fullness of him absolutely not compatible.
  8. Fit man with a thick woman looks ridiculous.
  9. If it is difficult to work out an hour a day in gym, how she will cope with all the household chores?
  10. All my friends have to admire the woman next to me. And their women in particular.

As you can see, excess weight is for men a kind of alarm. In their opinion, such women are lazy, and therefore, will not cope with the household chores. She might have health problems, and she must still give birth to a strong baby. And this suggests that she is not caring for themselves and in the future will look even worse. As you know, you don't have to be a raving beauty, but watch out for a owe.

All men agree in one opinion: the slender figure, but without the excessive thinness is a symbol of health and beauty. Representatives of the stronger sex are looking for is a wife and mother of his future children. And it's not the similarities with the famous models. But as you know, looking for one, and fall in love and create families with others.

So watch your diet and take care of yourself. Share interesting information with their friends in social networks!

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