6 facts that prove that the 2016 is unique!

Each new year is unique: it does not come with empty hands, and gives us valuable experience and positive emotions. And to live rich upcoming 12 months, is to know what ordinances they keep in itself. So what is it, 2016

Year of the Fire Monkey -? Already sounds cool! Monkey - funny creature, the fire - it is a passion and mystery ... Surely a new leap year will be hot in the good sense of the word!

Facts about 2016 gode

On the Chinese calendar year of the Red Fire Monkeys will come on the night of 7 to 8 February and will finish its run January 27 2017. It is a year of great change ! If you dream about dramatic changes, astrologers advise it in 2016 not be afraid to start a new life with a clean slate. Moreover, Monkey protects people gambling, ready to bring the big sacrifice for a greater purpose.

Fire in 2016 is associated with creativity. Wait for the unusual, exciting projects and creative gifts. But be careful: not beat with these hot events, because the fire - dangerous thing A happy number - 9. It symbolizes adventure and even a bit of mischief!. Yes, we will have a happy year Happy color -. The shades of red, yellow and lots of gold. These 366 days have to live brightly And finally: for some reason, many believe that a leap year only brings bad luck. Forget this myth! Extra day of the year - this is another chance to get closer to your goal. A monkey enjoys motivated!

So you want to come true in 2016 all desire to make it as much as possible the bright moments and happy smiles! Fire Monkey, you promise us that this year will change the lives of everyone for the better?

Do you believe in the uniqueness of 2016 ?


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