Chinese horoscope: what will the year of the Monkey

Fire (Red) the Monkey will begin to host 8 Feb 2016 18:38. In the night from December 31 to January 1 we celebrate the New year according to the Gregorian calendar, and East still lasts a year Blue-Green Sheep.So it is not necessary to spend new year's eve in red robes, and meals to cook exclusively from bananas.


Oriental flavor

In the Eastern calendar each year is associated with the animal – totem, the guardian of the year. Each 12-year cycle they change color and properties... This kaleidoscope is fascinating. Remains unchanged, only the male or female shown in every animal.



The postulate that the world consists of two principles – the male, Yang and female, Yin could not be reflected in the Eastern calendar. According to Eastern philosophy is the beginning and the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) form the basis of all that exists, and for a normal life, they need balance. Each element "reigns" within two years: first year – the Yang (masculine), the second – inski (female). Each element corresponds to a color: Wood – green, Fire – red, Earth – yellow, Metal – white, Water – black.

On 8 February comes right in the year of the Fire red Monkey male is a year of manifestation of masculinity. It opens prospects particularly representatives of the stronger sex. They will be more in demand than women are lucky, can reach the heights in the social hierarchy, career is not to miss the chance. It will have those and quick-witted, observant, communicative, knows human nature and everyone can pick up the key.

Does this mean that the year of the Monkey do not give to women? Not at all. Indeed, among the fair sex a lot of those who have expressed yangís principle (it is easy to determine in the personal horoscope) and will not miss the opportunity to take the initiative in their own hands. It's safe to say that Aries women, women, Lions, and women Archers will be one of the most successful.--vid1--

Where everyone is waiting for the success of theEast 12-year calendar is not a horoscope, namely, the calendar. The nature, psychological characteristics, the destiny of man it is problematic to determine, but to make a personal plan for implementation in society is possible.

1. RATThose born in the years of Mouse, Monkey promises more prestige and influence, but not before the second half of may. To do this you need to develop and improve the educational level, do not be afraid to learn new facets of the familiar detail of the surrounding world. The far countries where you overlooked something that will entice you with irresistible force. Finally, "reach hands" to explore pending philosophical treatises. Will return interest in religious rituals. From mid-may realize that you have something to share with others – do this by lecturing, writing books. It's time for PR campaigns. In the fall of 2016 begins career comes fame.

2. A BULLBorn in the years of Cow gain confidence and approved in the society in the process of overcoming physical and psychological stress. You will succeed if to subdue the anxiety and fears, and cease to perceive the world as dangerous. 2016 will be the year of lifestyle changes and become a better agent of change than to resist. In the summer you will deal with issues of inheritance or will interact with the banks. The marriage partner will begin to earn more. Autumn can begin training in high school or receive the second higher education.

3. TIGERTigers are concerned about the relationship with your spouse. It is likely that many until the summer will be delayed divorce proceedings. Someone in the summer to fit with the mood of the marriage to dissolve, and others will change your mind. The first will be more. In the team's growing credibility, the opponents you turn in associates. In the summer you can occupy a high position, to start to get a high salary and better lifestyle. At the same time you can have a successful and lucrative contracts. In the fall of family's financial situation will improve due to the fact that the budget will begin to make more money and spouse.

4. BUNNYhare's salvation from vanity and insomnia – practical activity: hands are busy, the brain is focused on their manipulations and go of annoying thoughts. In his free time, knit, sew, put things in order in drawers and boxes, wipe the dust from leaves. Actions will streamline thoughts, you won't waste energy on unnecessary things. Perhaps many will feel the joy of being able to help someone who needs. Do not forget about yourself. Relax in the summer. Fall complete your relationship with a loved one.

5. DRAGONDragons the year of the Monkey promises pleasant gifts: happiness in love, inspiration, creative breakthrough, the birth of children or the joy of success of offspring, which is already. Will have to invest a lot of effort and soul in the upbringing of children, and to get to know a loved one, and in the acquisition of skill. For this approach the winter and spring of 2016. And in the summer try to build with the special people in relationships on an equal footing, although you'll have to take a position of teacher and mentor. To autumn the representatives of creative professions – productive period. In the fall complete the clinical examination and, if necessary, treatment.

6. The SNAKESnakes it is necessary to solve the housing problem: the next time such a moment will come in 19 years. You may have already started to deal with these matters in the past year and even picked up the options. Until mid-may to conduct a preparatory work – to collect documents, to solve the financial problems. And in the summer you can buy an apartment or a house, to invest in the extension of housing, to buy property, with the exception of foreign. At the same time, you can expand the family – perhaps due to the fact that children will marry. With autumn comes the time for conception and birth of children.


7. HORSEHorses in the coming year communicate a lot, travel and study. The first half – time of accumulation of information, Dating, forming another circle. During this period, close relatives and neighbors are very important to you. If you would like to acquire some skills – it's time to go on appropriate courses. Not important – whether cooking, driving, creating hats is all what to learn, in the middle of summer will make you popular and enhance self-esteem. In the second half focus on the parent family. Probably, someone from parents will change their social status.

8. GOATSheep have to earn money is what they do best until the autumn of 2016. In winter and spring it is not necessary to buy expensive things, invest large sums of money. The money period will begin in the summer. And before that – participate in all projects that seem interesting, even if the financial support does not meet expectations: by the summer from the efforts of the returns will go, and at times exceeding the amount that you were getting before. At this time you can and finally buy something that long to save money. In the fall, you can change phones, computers, cars new.

9. MONKEYMonkey have to deal with them and use the opportunities that presented to them a year too, mostly for myself. That is displayed to you in the coming year a healthy ego. Many of the cases will have implications and will shape lives for years. In summer, many will conclude an official marriage or divorce, birth of children will become qualified specialists who will protect the master's or doctoral thesis will take place in various competitions – or in some other way change the social status. In the fall, begin to carefully monitor the weight – a high risk to get better.

10. ROOSTERFor Chickens winter and spring of 2016 will be the time difficult: only have to achieve with effort, overcoming obstacles, experiencing failures and intrigues of ill-wishers. Besides give known chronic diseases, and do you have to seriously, resorting to the help of doctors may be in the hospital or recovering in a sanatorium. If you show discipline and trust professionals-to-fly condition improves. And fall starts on the hour: you will be in demand in the society, you will find success and fame, the growth of authority. In your field you are listened to and considered. Look as if you did not get sick star disease.

11. DOGDogs can become freer from the conventions and attitudes. Are you going to trust yourself, courage to face the future, understand that it depends on what steps you do now. This Outlook on life will contribute to new friends with whom in the first and second quarter, you develop relationships. They instill not only new interests but also learn to look at familiar things differently. Very develops in this time participation in the work of public and voluntary organizations, interest in politics. Don't be afraid to change the way of life. You can count on anyone of my friends if something goes wrong, or be intimidating. In the autumn of relax, more privacy.

12. PIGPigs can spend the coming year in different ways: to make a career, to gain power and fame or climb to the next step in development, aim at the realisation of what is considered important. Very important what methods you choose to achieve and whether the interests of others. Don't step over others is necessarily (and quickly) backfire. Winter and spring will be devoted to the preparatory work for the summer, plan the important things. In the midst of the holidays you may increase. Autumn can bring people together with the same ideals behind a common cause.

The year of the Monkey for the whole world, Any society in the year of Monkey will have a clear structure, where each needs to understand the place and perform the duties that are put on social roles. Accomplish skills of conspiracies and intrigues, blackmail, which will be exploited sexual themes. This will be the year ingenious plans designed to achieve the objective or destroy the enemy, but also a year of using the secret of leverage.

We expect a busy, hectic year, they will manage the element of Fire. Tumultuous events will occur in many countries – that the revolution and war, and the wrestling for power, for supremacy. And if, before 21 March 2016 the events will be managed through the laws, then we are entering a period where decisive power techniques that might makes right. You can expect further strengthening of the armies, the military buildup, the invention of weapons, strengthening of the police. However, a major role begins to play a person, initiative person.

Year of the goat promises the development of sport, lots of records, interesting events.

Until 10 September 2016 we will see a fierce ideological battle. And from autumn to the end of the year – coups in various States.

Years of the Monkey is filled with events that are difficult to predict. Will try the same even if his life be guided not only by mood, but also responsibility for the consequences of their actions. published

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