Message to the astrologer for the coming 2016.

We await with interest the New Year of the Monkey, and he has already arrived! Not that monkey outwitted all and so, although the cunning and resourcefulness she can not refuse. Some astrologers associate Fire Monkey year with energies of Leo, but Jupiter is almost all in 2015 was in the hot plate and in September entered the zodiacal sector of the Virgin, which is ruled by a mobile, resourceful, and fickle Mercury, and the character of the Monkey corresponds precisely these qualities. So we're already living in the energies of the year of the Monkey!

Jupiter, the largest and most influential planet revolves around the Sun in 12 years, in turn activating the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each year has a conditional descriptive similarities with certain zodiac animals. Monkey symbolizes the agile, restless and fickle mind, has the power, ingenuity, adaptability. Curb the feverish activity of the mind amounts to tame the restless monkey. The combination of directional activity with contemplation of the mind will promote creativity and success of this year. It is important to practice the specific techniques of control and harmonization of their psychophysical condition (Yoga, Wushu, Reiki, and so on. D.).

Hanuman the Monkey King in the epic "Ramayana" is the personification of the divine power of the mind of Rama. It helps to defeat the forces of evil and to connect with loved Sita. In the Chinese esoteric tale "Journey to the West & quot; Monkey King Su-Well-kun commits an incredible act, enters the heavenly courts, and there manages to play pranks. In the pantheon of gods European figures mischievous Loki - sly, merry and restless. This year will also be a vital topic Monkeys and Mirrors! The mind sees his reflection through a mirror of the world, and finally understand (or do not understand!), Which surrounds the projection of the reflected there himself.

Tags coming year the Red Fire Monkey: intelligence, activity, creativity, assertiveness, communication, insight, surprise, good luck. You can still meet twice a year of the Monkey - 1 January, in the traditions of the East, February 8 (2nd new moon of the new year). Monkey will be only too happy: the more attention and bustle of the more interesting is her style.

Political events for all to see, so they already allow us to track general trends of the year in the style of the Monkey. Unexpected developments in Turkey, unpredictable complications in relations with Egypt, freaks United States in dealing with terrorists and further indecent enactment of the European scenario, as well as Ukrainian card to the detriment of themselves Ukrainians, the influx of refugees in Europe, and much more - all this confirms that the Year of the Monkey already in full swing. We can not even imagine what else jumps in politics, economy, social life, we are expected during the year. Much can be rotated upside down, distorted, Online Time. The event will have an active, even aggressive character, as this year - fiery energies. Demonstration frightening fireworks in the form of terrorist attacks and other provocations will create ubiquitous hectic atmosphere. Nervous breakdowns will chase a lot of people and will cause unhappiness and unpredictable actions. Particularly tense periods is expected in May - early June 2016, and from early August to mid-October. In these months, the events may take a completely unpredictable turn, so restraint, caution and prudence require a lot of politicians, businessmen, and all of us, including in their personal affairs.

The unpredictability of the year may also occur with a "plus" positive expected in January and February and the middle of summer and the end of the year, November and December. This is the period when you can exercise creativity, build and implement plans to start a new business. In the year of the red monkeys someone lucky, and some big plays. The stakes are high, and unreliable. Adventurous action will bring only a temporary effect, as will be faced with the spirit and the letter of the law order, and all the cunning tricks will quickly become visible (Saturn in Sagittarius).

In the long run it will benefit those who act according to the rules and moral principles, although in 2016 such people, organizations and governments will interfere with various difficulties and false promises, and absurdities. As a result, everywhere will change leaders and managers, will mature the need to change the law, social and economic standards. New laws and regulations will become more rational and concrete that will benefit the business and social programs. By year end, this reform activity is even more enhanced. Positively change the ideology and strategy in favor of national interests and private initiative in business and entrepreneurship development will strengthen its position.

Initiatives and initiatives important to plan at the beginning of 2016, and the real, concrete progress will manifest itself at the end of the year if it was calculated correctly. Originality, ingenuity and a reasonable drive will be decisive factors for success. To avoid unexpected failures, it is necessary to have a correct idea of ​​the plans and the true intentions of friends and associates, partners and employees. In difficult times they may behave inappropriately, suddenly, so intuition and sober approach will help to avoid trouble.

The opposition of Jupiter to Neptune passes now for karmic axis (Rahu and Ketu), almost the whole year will cause in the public mind the conflicting sentiments of constructive pragmatism to the dreamy idealism. Will the illusion that just about everything will be fine by itself, but in reality will require a great effort to improve the situation in the society, in the economy, in personal matters, contacts and connections. Success will come at once, only at the end of the year will soften tough aspecting stern judge and examiner of Saturn to Jupiter, kind and generous and altruistic, spiritually-oriented Neptune. Astrological situation will create a common background, but individually each person events will develop in accordance with his personal astrological charts, which are the card of the year.

Be active or wait out the unpredictability of the Monkey, to change something, or kept on the reached positions - it depends on the characteristics of individual horoscope. Changes in consciousness in relations with the world, adventure, inspiration, creative bursts and active living every day - all that awaits us in the coming year.

Monkey still all cheer, excite, cheat, so tune in a cheerful mood and be happy by the joy that is sure to surprise and give us the upcoming 2016!

Astrologer Michael Borodachev


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