A simple method of treatment of hypertension without drugs

High blood pressure know that feeling from high blood pressure is very unpleasant: first periodic headaches, palpitations, then numbness of fingers and toes, a rush of blood to the head. There is a treatment of hypertension with iodine



It is produced in two stages:

A break of ten days.

Treatment with this method is so. Cotton wool on a match dipped in iodine and to bring the ring:

1st day — around the wrist of the left hand;

2nd- around the ankle of the right leg;

3rd — around the wrist of the right hand;

4th — around the ankle of the left leg;

5th — around the elbow of the left arm above the elbow;

6th — around the bend the knee of the right leg below the knee;

7th — around the elbow of the right hand above the elbow;

8th — around the bend the knee of the left leg below the knee;

9 — dotted line on the back from the left shoulder to the right hip;

10th — dotted line on the back, from right shoulder to left hip.

In one day you need to produce only one lubrication is at night before bedtime. published


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