15 Christmas decorations that you can make your own hands

To prepare for the New Year, it is not necessary to buy expensive toys and Christmas decorations. In each apartment there are many things that will help decorate the house stylish and original.

Website offers a number of interesting and inexpensive ideas for creative New Year.

firtree from threads h3>

How to

Make a cone of paper. Wrap it with a plastic bag. Take the thread: simple sewing, sewing or knitting yarn - from the different threads are obtained completely different Christmas trees. As the wet string with white glue (or silicate). Christmas trees wrapped with the base dipped in glue thread. You can apply a string of messy or neat circles, but in the end turn out to be delicate mesh on top of the cone. Allow to dry Christmas trees (better during the day). Remove the cone. Decorate the Christmas tree.

snowman sock h3>

Deer of lollipop h3>

How to

You will need:

1 lollipop color A4 sheet pen Scissors glue pen with shiny ink How to:

On the top half of the sheet, draw a pencil or print head contour deer. In this neck of the deer must fall on the edge of the fold of the sheet. Note the size of the nose under the candy. Fold the sheet and cut along the drawn outlines, with a folded edge, do not touch. Decorate deer brilliant marker. Insert a lollipop in the hole for the nose, breaking his wand edge of the paper. Lubricate the glue on the Limits on the reverse side of the sheet and thus secure the sheets together.

Winter hats h3>

How to

You will need:

string bush toilet paper How to:

Cut the rolls into rings (width depends on what you want to cap lapel). Prepare several pieces of threads, each of which must have a length of about 30 cm. Thread the thread in a cardboard ring, folded in half and make a loop. Continue to do the same thing around the perimeter of the ring and follow fotoinstruktsii. The resulting "pigtails" Pass through the center of the ring and tie thread. Cut off the excess length to get the pom-pom. Finished hats can be hung on the tree or make them into a garland.

Angels make stick h3>

The Gift List h3>

How to

You will need:

thick paper wooden reels of thread paint of any color a thin tape, rope, string or elastic band glue pencil or pen How to:

Color reel in any color. This point can be skipped, but it will be nicer if the coils are of bright color. Heavy paper strips cut multiple width slightly less than the width of one coil. The length of each strip of about 20-25 cm. One end of the strip of glue to the reel. When the glue is dry, wrap the paper strip around the coil. Insert the coil tape, string or rubber band. Now let each family member write your gift list who wants to get out and hang the coil on the list on the Christmas tree.

Snowflake ballerina h3>

Cut out snowflakes and a ballerina on a template. Put on a snowflake dancer.

Retro ornaments h3>

It's quite simple. Looking for black-and-white printer and pictures that you like.

Wreath of molds for baking h3>

Reindeer Cookies h3>

How to

Openwork herringbone h3>

Simple Garland h3>

How to

You will need:

color paper Scissors Adhesive (stapler or scotch)

Rabbit from the light bulb h3>

How to

Candlesticks from empty cans h3>

How to

Obkleyte empty cans gift wrap or colored paper. Then tie a rope around and leave a long end for which you can hang the candle holder.

Snowflake "Darth Vader» h3>

Download your

Even more Christmas decorations here: 20 ideas for Christmas decorations

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