Why should we give up the grades in school

I must say: it is not that I am categorically against the assessments, I'm just really, really do not understand how grades in school may be the least some educational tool. The thing is that all my experience and the experience of their colleagues, in my experience, leads to one conclusion: evaluation is not just harmful - it corrupts a person kills curiosity leads to conflicts and complexes.

Let's start with a simple example. For example, over lunch one wants to drink quickly compote. He knows that a positive assessment ("You're a good boy"), he will receive if eat soup. How did he do that? As part of the acquisition of a conditioned reflex - reaction to a positive assessment - it is assumed to be soup. Reinforcements in the form of praise (estimate). What do you think, how many times he had to go in a similar model to sustain it? A few will be enough, is not it? What will be the result? - His inability to define what he really wants ... that adults know better how to live ... The body, hell, tells us that he wants to compote, but the world dictates that you need to eat soup! How to be here? However, this dilemma is not eternal. Evaluation - a drug daily use which removes all those questions. And gradually displaces the true motivation.

Too primitive? The same mechanism works the same way and in more complicated cases.

Let about school. Take a look at the five-point grading system: do not notice anything strange? Of the five options for three - negative (one of them - a unit - almost never used); remains frail differentiation between 4 and 5 ... What we want to say with these dubious tools? Even approximate objectivity is impossible.

Imagine a person's dictation were 20 errors, then he has worked for a long time and should be done only 8. And what happened? Again deuce! Meanwhile, its success is much more than the honors, which corrected one single mistake passed from four to five. As well as handed over a blank sheet he will not zero, it would be at least logical, and all the same two. Really it does not bother you? How to explain this to your children? Is such a system can be in any way a serious and honest feedback - support, training? ..

State control in our school. Second class. In the picture - the nest and house. Question: Explain what is common and what is the difference. Our student answers: "The difference is that the live bird nest, as in the building -, and the total that live bird nest, as in the building - a man." The answer, in my opinion, to the point of genius. Shall I put the "couple" in accordance with the standard? Say something like, "you're young, but the world does not appreciate?" No suitable options here. But there is a question: what score? Do without it we can not understand what a person knows and does not know?

I can offer you a cruel and dangerous test: Enter a week rigorous evaluation system in their own female-male relationships and see the speed with which everything will collapse. "My dear, today for our sex you put 4 with a minus ..." - "My dear, you're only three points for tonight." Funny, is not it? That's in a relationship with the kids - funny.

Evaluation leads to the fact that a person learns not conform himself, his desires, thoughts, interests, and textbooks, teacher's views in general adult. It gradually loses its ability to interact with the world to choose.

I was once such a case. I was invited to one of the schools to conduct classes with students 9-10-11 "Reading Day" (ie, as it turned out, and such a day ...). We found a little-known members of Andersen's fairy tales and organized a large open conference during which they read in small groups, freely walked around the room, exchanging opinions, asked each other questions debated. Practically there were not involved. Then I was approached by two teachers of these children. "How great! We have never seen them so! Can we put the evaluation? "Of course, I was taken aback:" Why? "-" We just really had never before heard the voices of some of them, and now they are so active! This will help us to put them in at least three-quarters of ... »

Well, as you? Still not enough evidence? Talented, bright, active get "at least three". It is easy, of course, blame everything on teachers, saying that they just do not know how to organize an interesting lesson. I am sure that this is not so. Just the teachers themselves are hostages of the evaluation system and gradually lose their own orientation, its own creativity.

One learns, it's fun! Why replace his desire to explore the world desire to please the teacher, fit a certain standard? How many lost generations still need to understand how dangerous it is? First, "plant" on the assessment as the main engine, and then nosimsya in search of the lost child self. "He is not interested in anything ...»

Again and again I go back to his favorite subject: Why? If the answer is - feedback, it is much easier to give it in words, explain what it is, to find fault with, offer a way to correct them, understanding.

Assessment - one of the main anchors of teachers and parents who can not or do not want to make life interesting for themselves and for others.

Here we give a simple question, "Why study?" Mutually exclusive answers: you need to learn for themselves, but on the other assessment. Like this? Think for yourself!

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