25 ways to know a child, how he was doing in school, without asking how he was doing in school.

The older the child becomes, the harder it is to parents to keep him warm and friendly relations. Often the teenager builds a wall between themselves and the adult world. In order not to lose contact with him, parents need a lot of work on family relationships and often resort to various psychological tricks. The most common problem that children are unwilling to talk, it's difficult at school. Moms and dads, too often approach this question correctly. Here presented 25 ways to ask a child how he was doing in school, without asking how it was school. It sounds strange? See for yourself!

1. What's the good of what happened to you at school today? What's the worst thing that happened to you at school today?

2. Tell me what made you laugh today?

3. If you could choose, who would you want to sit in the classroom? And who would not have wanted to sit? Why?

4. Tell me about the coolest place in the school.

5. What is the strange word that you heard today? Or maybe someone has something weird you say?

6. If we have invited today your teacher to visit us, what he told me about you, do you think?

7. Who helped you today?

8. Can someone helped you today?

9. Tell me what you learned today of the new?

10. Was there a moment when you felt most happy today?

11. Did you today is very boring?

12. If aliens landed in your class and took some of the students, who would you want them taken away?

13. With whom would you like to play on the reverse of those with whom you've never played?

14. Tell me about something good that happened to you today.

15. What is the word of the teacher often repeated today?

16. What would you like to learn more in school?

17. What would you like to do less in school?

18. Who would you in class might behave better?

19. Where do you most often play at recess?

20. Who is the funniest student in your class? Why is it so funny?

21. Did you enjoy today's lunch? What is most like?

22. If tomorrow you become a teacher, what would you do?

23. Do you think that maybe one of your Klas should leave school?

24. If you could change places with someone in the class of places, who would it be? Why?

25. Tell me about the three different cases, when you use a pencil at school today.

Now parents can take these clever psychological techniques adopted. Share the information with other interesting.



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