As luck would come to a gentlemen

Painting "Gentlemen of Fortune" - a vivid example of how dramatically our plans may differ from done.

Films, as we know, there are different "on one show", "month", "year". Sometimes - as in the decade. If we get lucky. And there are tapes - "for life." In these paintings has its own history, which sometimes turns out to be less interesting than the original. To the film turned out, the stars have come together - in heaven and on earth. How, for example, it happened in 1969, when they met with Georgy Danelia, Victoria Tokarev and director Alexander Gray.

Thirty-five years ago, in December 1970, we started shooting masterwork "Gentlemen of Fortune».

In January 1970, the venerable already director Danelia and young writer Victoria Tokarev brought on "Mosfilm" scenic application codenamed "recidivist". In this application and which appeared two years later, the tape has almost nothing in common. Except that Diagon by Savely Kramarova. Even the hero Yevgeny Leonov - namely a first and write scripts - changed the course of the case and his profession, and habits. If the original version, he was a police major, the picture appears natured kindergarten teacher.
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"We want to create a film, which will involve the best comedians: Leonov, Nikulin, Kramarov Mironov, Rolan Bykov and others." - A reference to this scenario begins hudsovet application. As planned Danelia and Tokarev were to be distributed as well:

Rolan Bykov - counterfeiter named Millimeter;
Yuri Nikulin - a professional gigolo, a polygamist;
Andrei Mironov - a crook named Dude. Stealing cars and selling them in Tbilisi;
Savely Kramarov - small pickpocket nicknamed Squint.

Scenario application has not yet been approved, and almost all the actors have refused to participate in the film. Everyone - in their good cause. Mironov waiting for the other shooting, Nikulin did not want to re-appear on the screen in the comedy role Bykov were more important things to do.

The plot is copied, come up with new heroes and began to painfully search for actors. Before George Vitsin became bloke, hudsovet had studies dozens of applicants. Among them - Lev Durov, Rudolf Rudin, Victor Sergachev. Many of the samples were quite successful, but the choice in the end still fell on George Vitsin. However, with the remark "to work on the makeup."

On the role of an eccentric professor-archaeologist Maltseva unanimously approved Erast Garin. But with Kramarova which scriptwriters have invited one of the first, left pad. Hudsovet seemed that during screen tests actor went all out in just one small episode. And will there be enough resources for his acting full role? - Experienced at "Mosfilm". Kramarova candidacy yet approved, but on the condition that he will look for new colors in the image Diagon.

The longest was selected as artist Basil Alibabaevicha. First, they wanted to invite Frunzik Mkrtchyan. Nono was not released to the shooting because of the 50th anniversary of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, this option has disappeared. And then across the country pulled on "Mosfilm" face "non-Russians».

On the set he had left his memories: "I will never forget as we dipped into the slurry. I realized that the actors are such people - if the role is good, wherever you want will climb. Here come the day when we began to put into it. But it turns out, some not as cement and other. In general, we did not take the cement, he threw us ... mistimed tank with ordinary sourdough. And it was tinted green onion essence, but still was part of a tart, sticky ... Remember: "What a good cement! Do not washed at all! ". The shooting was near Samarkand, and there was a factory, while her shower, and that's only forty minutes, forty-five barely we this compound somehow by itself otskrebli, the pores of our newly breathing became again we turn to the person looked, and Vitsin no. It turned out that he continues to sit in the tank because it found that the composition of 23 herbs and it is a 15-year prolongs youth ».

As a result, no one failed, even textured Vladimir Etush showed high Mosfilmovsky superiors unconvincing. The minutes of the meeting of the artistic council appears: "The presented to audition will not do either one, do a screen test I. Rutberg." When unlucky and Rutberg, applicants otsmatrivat began anew. And only then noticed the actor State Theatre actor Radner Muratov, who became the most unique Basil Alibabaevicha.

It is still unclear how the Soviet authorities did not ban a comedy where the main characters - thieves and repeat offenders, and the screen is pouring it thieves? It seems that here the role played by the authority of George Danelia, who spoke in a rather unusual role - no director and artistic director of the picture. And yet - away from sin - after long discussions, the script sent almost all the major police officials: for approval. And each of the departments, reading the story, made their corrections.

Here, for example, excerpts from reviews of the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Guito F. Kuznetsov: "The author basically is certainly possible, using a sharp comedic plot to expose and ridicule the false romance of violators of socialist rule of law, show the inevitability of punishment for their crimes. & lt; ... & gt; However, one can not ignore, and some significant drawbacks script, the removal of which, in our opinion, will increase the educational role of the film, will strengthen its social meaning. It is puzzling image of Colonel Verchenko - representative of the "All-Union investigation." The authors gave him all sorts of vices: malokulturen, insincere, harsh, irritable, etc. Colonel Verchenko - image, of course, a collective. So, the moral and professional qualities to be understood as the essence of the appearance of many governing bodies and senior officials entrusted with the fight against crime ».

I did not like the staff of the Ministry of Interior and the thieves we are characters in the film: "The text of the script is clearly oversupplied jargon of criminals. It raises serious concerns that the film based on this scenario would be a promoter of thieves terminology that can be supported by the youth ».

Had the writers put in the mouths of his characters more innocent curses: sausage, sausage, radish, Hamburg rooster and even Nebuchadnezzar.

The shooting of "Gentlemen of Fortune" was about to strike happened. Doing exercises in 17-degree frost did not want to not only - scenario - hardened recidivists, but also - and in life - wonderful actors Leonov, Vitsin and Kramarova. They whispered among themselves and offered Muratov, against the wishes of the director, stay warm sweaters. But got a bobble: he came to film after all, and somehow had not yet managed to stick with the team, though it has got used to the image of his bona fide hero Basil Alibabaevicha. Therefore, the command "Action!". Muratov still undressed and jumped into the first frost. Well, after the actor worked jealousy - divide all ... However, then they retaliated Muratov - Kramarov crept up to him and then, before the camera, rubbed with snow ... Well Vitsin-bloke that was fun, and began rubbing himself Diagon. As a result of this double and went into the film.

The house in which the gentlemen of fortune to live in Moscow, stood in the alley Staropimenovskiy. The structure was designed for demolition, the residents were evicted, but was surprisingly strong, so it gave filmmakers with no regrets for burning. By the way, in the basement of the building and then found a treasure, workers engaged in dismantling the wall, fighting over the findings. Someone called the police, seized the treasure, bullies do not get anything.

Many believe that the "Gentlemen of Fortune" took Danelia. In fact, director of the film - Alexander Gray. Just in those years for the Grey firmly entrenched glory loser, so Danelia, a fellow student at the Advanced Directing Courses, decided to help him.

And that's what happened. In 1958, some party in the restaurant Gray jealous of his lover to one of the visitors. In the bloody fight future director was the victor. His opponent, a young architect, for life became disabled and gray instead of defending the thesis of the film studios migrated to the corrective labor colony. In the five years.

Surprisingly, when Gray was released from prison, the one beloved, because of which a fight broke out, is not waiting for his Othello. They got married, they had a daughter. More surprising is that in the film circles "leaning" to the area director greeted quite warmly. At least he did not have blocked oxygen, Mosfilm authorities entrusted recruit even two movies. Name them, however, it has sunk into oblivion, because the pictures turned out, to put it mildly, not very good. In short, as the director of the Grey cash on "Mosfilm" was not taken. Besides George Danelia, who before the shooting "Gentlemen" personally persuaded artistic council that Alexander can still make a decent picture.

By the way, here's a fun fact. When Gray came to discuss the future of film with the Ministry of Interior has appointed a consultant - Ilya Goloborodko, while the first deputy head of the political department of the Main Directorate of corrective labor institutions of the Ministry of Interior - the director sent ... to the zone. Like, if you want a picture to get reliable, necessary for you, a creative person, I go to the colony and personally pohlebat week or prison gruel. Gray decided not to disclose the details of his biography (and suddenly more will be removed from the post of the director), and dutifully went for two weeks in the area not far from Gorky. However, as he later admitted, all the while quietly sat in the hotel.

The fate of the rolling pattern identified - as so often - General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. He was one of the first saw the film at his dacha - and each frame him in detail commented Colonel Churbanov. While the general secretary in-law worked in the Interior Ministry, so that the life in the colonies know much. As a result, sincere interest in the painting Brezhnev took all the questions. Discussion of the film on the arts council was surprisingly peaceful. Claim formulated one single - say, a gold helmet that angling from the hole mountain-recidivists, the screen looks too fake.

The administration was so pretty that the young screenwriter of the film Victoria Tokareva even increased the fee - to have paid a considerable sum of six thousand were added another two thousand. However, the rate of success in the director's paintings had no effect.

The comedy "Gentlemen of Fortune" was the brightest in the creative biography of Alexander Gray. Later, he directed the movie "You - I, I - you" and "Take care of men." But to transcend himself and could not.

Speculators bought up early in the morning all the tickets to the "Gentlemen of Fortune" and sold them to the hands of 3 rubles, despite the fact that the box office, they cost 20 cents. In box 1972, the film took the 1st place, gathering at their sessions 65 million. Viewers. If the estimate of 400,000 rubles film for the year brought about 30 million. Most of the expressions of paintings ever gone to the people: "I'll tear your mouth apart," "morgaly vykoli", "channel here," "horse walk, a horse", "radish", "Cock Hamburg ".

Camel, who scripted proudly refused to kneel and Kramarova spat in the face, is still alive. His name is Diamond, it works in a mobile zoo circus "Chapiteau". Now kinoveteranu 36 years. By the standards of camel Diamond is an old man. After the camels live only about 40 years. But he is seen in the Bactrian artist of his time, more than they happen to every human being to survive.

Igorka boy from the kindergarten played next famous artist Igor gon. He does not remember after this role. Many even still do not notice that the boy in the famous artist.

It turns out that "thieves' song" Hold on, the engine does not knock the wheels "of the" Gentlemen of Fortune "was written in Petrozavodsk. In 1946, being on stage, it wrote a thief-recidivist Nikolai Ivanovo. And in "Gentlemen," the song came at a time when the Ivanovo illuminator worked on "Lenfilm". Among his friends were well-known artists such as Oleg Dal, and he is the author of "Do not mow us sharp sword" and a member of the Writers' Union of Russia.

It's been 30 years, but still showing "Gentlemen of Fortune" on any channel surpasses all existing ratings. No matter how you look - I do not get bored. How to Survive a vintage wine. Because it is made of the best professional recipes kind of Soviet cinema.

Unfortunately, many of the characters are no longer alive: stunning and essential Yevgeny Leonov, Savely Kramarova, Erast Garin, Anatoly Papanova, Lyubov Sokolova. For a long time there, and the film's director - Alexander Gray, a man with quite a strange destiny. After finishing the Advanced Directing course, he took in collaboration with other directors two films: "Shot in the Fog" (it starred Lionella Pyreva Roman Homyatov Nicholas Rushkovsky) and the comedy "The Foreigner" (with Rina Green, Sergey Filippov, Zoya Fedorova). And then out of - because of their unrestrained character and violent temperament he was in prison. After serving a term lifted "Gentlemen of Fortune", it is very seriously ill (he was diagnosed with cancer of the blood). Then he took another two comedies: "You - I, I - you" (scripted Grigory Gorin, Leonid Kuravlevym, Svetlichnaya Svetlana and Tatyana Peltzer) and "Take care of men" (Nina Ruslanova and Leonid Kuravlevym). Removing comedy, he lived in the "genre" of the tragedy. He was constantly pursued, trying to take revenge, the man he made invalid. Chaser, illness and life unsettled Alexander pushed into deep depression. In the end, he committed suicide.

The last of the deceased "Gentlemen of Fortune" became the State Theatre actor actor, honored artist of Russia Radner Muratov. He died in 2004 at the age of 77 years. In the movie, he was by accident. At the end of the Great Patriotic son of Leningrad engineers Radner he finished military school, but the front has not got. I went to Moscow, went through the city, caught the eye of someone from the filmmakers, was invited to enter the Film Institute, like the Commission, I did. He studied in the workshop of Mikhail Romm and Sergei Yutkevich. "I know why take? Because all the little white and Radik Muratov - he is black "- then said Muratov. "Gentlemen of Fortune" - probably the most famous of his movie, but filming it in such famous films as "Maksim Perepelitsa", "The Golden Calf", "Shield and Sword", "The Twelve Chairs," "Everyday Criminal Investigation," " The Lost Expedition ", the" Golden River "," Athos "," Eternal Call "and others.

Probably, the number of well-known artists, "Gentlemen of Fortune" have broken all records of the Soviet cinema. Even in small roles - "the star on the star & quot ;: Oleg Vidov, Erast Garin, Nikolai Olyalin, Lyubov Sokolova. One of the most beautiful and deafening popular actresses of that time Natalia Fateev during the shooting of the film was still breast daughter Natasha, and then she did not want to star in a tiny role. But, as she later admitted, wisely I reasoned that you can not disappear from the screen, and then forgotten, and money - not superfluous. To act in a small episode, and flatly refused to Anatoly Papanov, but much persuasion Danelia still worked.

When in late 1971, "Gentlemen," came out on the wide screen, the official reception and the audience were diametrically opposed. The audience - a stunning success, the film immediately and unconditionally became a hit, taking first place at the box office of the USSR. But critics and officials from the movie accused him of all mortal sins. The main thing is that "sewed" movie - bad taste. But, as later recalled Yevgeny Leonov: "The film was very popular. Say someone in the audience, they say, I do not like - there is, say, the aesthetics is not all right - so you also still beat for it ».

Most prison expressions introduced in the film (from personal bitter experience) Alexander Gray: "Channel here", "horns pootshibayu", "morgaly pitch dark," "I'll tear your mouth apart." But hohmu about Monument Lermontov ("man in a jacket") and expressions like "lifelong work on the drug will" - came up with the writers.

Danelia not only wrote the script, and "punch" picture, but also replaced Gray on set when he was ill. And in general, he was artistic director of the film. After the "Gentlemen of Fortune" relationship the two filmmakers somehow went wrong. According to Danelia: "We have no quarrel, no, just at some point I started he did not need, and we parted." But tandem with Danelia Victoria Tokarev gave viewers one more memorable lyrics - "Mimino".

For ten years, Gentlemen of Fortune & quot; with the same success came in Soviet movie theaters and on television.



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