10 rules of good luck.

Rule 1

Constantly communicating with new people all the professions / beliefs / attitudes - new friends, new experiences, new knowledge.

Rule 2

Surround themselves with interesting and successful people. Particularly successful. Their success will be transferred to you, and vice versa if you surround yourself lazy whiners and then lose your luck and he'll be like them. Communicating with successful people you will learn from their success, optimism and knowledge - one that rules are to be in time to become a man who is said: "He married Luck».

Rule 3

He is fond of all the new Do not be afraid to experiment around, test all new, discover new facets of our world.

Rule 4

Negative emotions - a firm no. No frustration over nothing and nothing, no hard feelings and grief. We have no such emotions - we are just bunch of positive energy - negative alien to us.

Rule 5

Do you have a second sense it is also known as intuition? No matter what you answer to this question. It has for me, you have it there at all - but, unfortunately, not always and not everyone is able to interpret it correctly, and the more trust, but in vain. The inner voice never let you down, it certainly tells you the right direction. Listen to your inner voice and trust him.

Rule 6

Learn how to relieve emotional stress - certainly not to get as a result of stress or depression. How? Everyone should have their favorite method - yoga someone who is boxing, some rukopashku, and the third goal simply hookah and strong tea - once you know his method.

Rule 7

Always smile and enjoy life, in all, without exception, find the positive side. You cheated - find out why it's not so bad and disastrous. I like the last week 3-ri times for money thrown in the transactions - but damn it's not a reason to stop buying resources and make transactions in the internet, you just have to review and analyze algorithms for the purchase of the proposed transaction. And to pay tribute to all the karma, had noticed that if "stuck" someone else - it is better to give, because will have to pay in twins.

Rule 8

Always and everywhere believe that luck is already there and help, even just a little much for you as You do not pay any attention to it. The future of your iridescent and beautiful - all just wonderful and ofigipitelno. I do not believe these words? Repeat them until the teeth will bring. And do not just believe, and know exactly what it will be so.

Rule 9

Love yourself, so yes it is to love yourself, to delight in everything - in the details in relation to yourself, indulge yourself gifts. Success comes only to those who need it and who is waiting for her, and if you are dull, boring and reckless attitude to themselves - of course such guests as luck you will not.

Rule 10

And finally, the most important rule: work, work and work. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and lazy muddle luck never smiles. Luck is the sister of success, and success - what's that? Success is achieving workaholics, are the results of hundreds of thousands of sleepless nights, buckets of sweat and the blood erased fingers. Yes, that's right - not amuse himself with the hope that by working two hours a day you will open the gates of heaven - it's only in fairy tales, but in reality must work before losing momentum.


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