6 factors of luck that can make you lucky

1 luck factor:
Clarity Clarity means that you know exactly what you want. Clarity - 80% luck and the most important factor of luck. All successful people absolutely clear imagine what they want and what they need to do to get what you want.

Unsuccessful, unlucky people tend to have a rather vague idea of ​​what he wants from life.

One of the most simple exercises that you can do to take you to the beginning - it's just take a sheet of paper and write a list of 10 goals that want to achieve within 12 months. Agree, it is really very simple exercise
However, only 10% of the population do so. Amazingly, these 10% are now receiving all the blessings of which others only dream

2 luck factor:. Activities
The activity is shown in the number of cases that you implemented. When you do a lot of things, increases the likelihood that some of the things you will do well at the right time, in the right direction.

For example. If you throw the ball in the basket an infinite number of times, it increases the likelihood that you will get in the basket.

Also in business and life. All successful people focus on the actions that lead to concrete results.

To you lucky, do more actions that lead to results. The more you do, the more energy you receive. The more steps, the more experience. The more experience, the more positive results you will have. This means you will probably become a successful person
luck factor:.
Energy Energy is a key factor of luck. When you see how much time to do successful people think that they have much more energy than others. Almost all successful "lucky" get up early in the morning. They work more hours during the day, they even work in the evening. Thus, they have enough power and for training. They invest time in developing themselves to the development of their business or career.

As a result of the study, Dr. Thomas Stanley, and he and his team interviewed 2500 millionaires, 84% of millionaires said they became financially independent thanks to the discipline and hard work. Just millionaires indicated that in their lifetime they were willing to work harder and longer than the people around them.

Agree, it is not surprising that they are marathoners gradually pulled ahead and then "ran" on the other.

A famous writer Stephen Leokok once said: "I believe in luck! The more I work, the luckier I become »

Do you want to and you are lucky to find a power by which you will do more things during the day than others. And good luck turns to face you

4 luck factor:. Personality
Human personality is also called the main factor of luck. All successful people have in common. They tend to be positive and optimistic. They know how to find a common language with other people. They have a large number of friends and acquaintances in different spheres of life.

It is clear that the more people you know, the more likely to get standing advice when needed. Then good luck, is the ability to find the right information, at the right time from a knowledgeable person. That is what makes it possible to achieve rapid results often in business and life.

For people to want to help us, we must act in accordance with the golden rule. That says: "Treat others as you would like people to treat you»

The more positive and optimistic you become, the more interesting people and, therefore, good luck, you will attract into your life

5 luck factor:. Honesty
Honesty and integrity are the most vostrebovannymii respected qualities in life and business. You will agree that we all want to make friends and do business with people whom we trust.

When we decide to be honest with themselves and with others, we become self-sufficient and holistic natures. Then we move on and reach their goals quickly. That honesty and integrity, and open doors are an absolute requirement for success in any business, in any industry.

When you are talking about, as a man of honor and worthy, good luck she will knock on your door

6 luck factor:.
Perseverance Persistence - the quality that distinguishes successful people from everyone else. When you work, you are ready to do anything to achieve their goals. You will not deviate from the path and did not stop when others fizzle and fall away. You will be able to work harder and look for different ways to solve problems. You will learn to acquire the necessary skills to achieve the goal. You will read a lot of books, listen to seminars, attend training until you get something that conceived.

Thanks to the tenacity and perseverance, you will become a better understanding of their true purpose. And when you present clearly what you want, then you have more enthusiasm and energy to move forward. The faster you move forward, the more positive and optimistic you become. And then your life will begin to appear new and interesting and necessary acquaintances that will help you more confidence to achieve your goals.

And of course, you will become a successful and lucky, thanks to yourself!


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