20 ways to be happy

«If you could smack the ass man responsible for the most of your troubles, you could not have a week to sit." Eugene Grishkovets

Connect. Numerous contacts - the key to success. One tells the desired phone or website, the other to meet interesting people, one third will give good advice. It is not necessary to be friends with all the depth and the clock - just keep in touch, which allows at any time to contact people with questions, requests and suggestions. Of course, we are talking about a mutual communion - you too must be open to someone's initiatives and requests. The selfish exploitation of someone's financial, business and intellectual resources bring you only temporary success. Do not be shy too. You can spend a lifetime in a dusty corner unnoticed, even with a huge luggage strengths and talents, if you do not take the initiative. PR own ideas is an art - who will have to master if you want to successfully implement. At the mention of his merits and achievements there is nothing wrong, people need to understand that you are successful and working with you and they will benefit too. Just be careful not to self-promotion turned into arrogance. Sometimes it is enough only mention of the fact that you are well able to do (for example, mounted on a computer video), and you will immediately associates. Do what you like. The success will come to those who seek to satisfy their own needs, and does not fulfill the social order, or longs to meet the expectations of others. Fashion business woman has led to the fact that many women are trying to make a career in the offices, while the nature of "tailored" for quite another. Discard the social stereotypes, listen to your inner voice and do what you want to do, not what you expect from others. Be yourself, set realistic goals - whether it's journey around the world or the birth of four children. It is here that you are waiting for the real joy and victory. Make friends with happy. It may be just lucky people who have that day - that lucky ticket ... or optimists, whose life may not be cloudless, but they have the innate ability to not dramatize the situation, and humorous take steps, set here and there. After all, mental attitude is passed along the chain. Rude to you on the bus in the morning - and the day is spoiled. A chat with those who are always in a good mood, you are, by contrast, get a charge of positive energy. In positive person and work disputes and relations develop ... In short, the daily serving of mini luck you will be assured. After all, the little joys of life - this is the ingredients of happiness. Treat your life as a game, where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Some ruins overly serious attitude to life. In the words of the unforgettable Baron Munchausen, "You are too serious, ladies and gentlemen!" - A surplus of seriousness leads to a constant voltage, and ultimately to failure. Luck, on the contrary, chooses those who are looking at their business less fatal and realizes that winning the lottery is always possible. But for a loss may follow the win. So keep the excitement! And any problem ceases to be important if it "ridicule" - working at 100%. It is not easy to do, but it is possible. And once laugh at a problem, it is blown up like a balloon. Think positively. Positive Thinking - antonym of negative thinking, when a person injects himself around the situation. Taboo statement: "This is my cross", "Suffer me destined", "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always." Negative thinking undermines psyche: because our thoughts are directly related to our behavioral reactions (as, indeed, and vice versa). All goes wrong, one bobble follows another, and you do not even notice that this bad luck attracting own mood? Break this vicious circle, stop mentally thumb their failures - existing and hypothetical - and they will stop going your shadow. Praise yourself. Be glad your little victories. Sometimes we complain, "Is it a success? It is a trifle. Look at others, what achievements! "Do not discount your own luck, otherwise they will no longer do you have to visit! On the contrary, repay the praises itself even in good faith to do a little business. And encourages the gift itself. Psychologists advise to put the gift in a prominent place - both the Cup victory. Then there is the incentive to succeed again. Smile to people. Psychophysiology argue that even a forced smile after a while causes roughly the same effect as a sincere smile. Actively working facial muscles dilate blood vessels and improve the supply of oxygen to the brain, central nervous system cells begin to produce endorphins, and we become more complacent and optimistic. Yes, and the other to deal with smiling man much nicer than surly. «Do not get stuck». Some can not forget even minor troubles, constantly returning to its associated negative feelings. Or, following the goal, again and again come on the same rake, but desperately crammed into the dead-end direction. This type of mental experts call "stuck." Often this feature is innate, and yet we must try to be labile: switch quickly from one emotional state to another, change the tactics of behavior depending on the circumstances, be switched to different activities. Do not focus on the blunders, look for different approaches to life, and your chances of success are multiplied. More laugh. Laughing, we feel fine. This is partly because the rate of that laughter stimulates the production of certain chemicals, including endorphins, which are natural painkillers, which elevate mood. And thanks to his good ideas are born and options for their implementation. View a good comedy - is the easiest way to cheer yourself up to almost euphoric mark. Surround yourself with positive. If you're used to watch some horror movies and read in the newspapers only the criminal chronicle, do not expect that luck will knock on your door. In order to lure it, you need to surround yourself with everything with a plus sign: beautiful things, upbeat music, good people and pets. Floating heart only good, you program yourself to the joy, happiness, luck. Eat right. Do not get carried away with strict diet - poor nutrition leads to brain fatigue, sluggish perception of reality, if not apathy. In this state, you will not see the best of luck as the own ears! In addition, the food - a source of pleasure. Ice cream or a piece of delicious cake can trigger a release of endorphin that you light up the idea, worthy of a Nobel Prize! In short, do not deprive yourself the joy and peace of mind by starvation, but do not make a cult out of food. Roll in gluttony also leads away from the well-being and an active life. Be creative. The therapeutic effect of a hobby for a long time proven. And let your hobby (painting, music, dance, crafts) - net initiative! Instead, it relieves stress, allows for relaxation, good for the internal organs. It is an ideal tool to improve the general well-being and to overcome the "syndrome of failure." These creators of self-awareness - one of the happiest people. This they owe endorphins that accompany inspiration. Try. is not confined to a single activity. Life does not stand still, and the transition from one area to another can be a successful turnaround in fortunes. If you turned up a chance to prove themselves in something else, why not take a chance? Get a fundamentally different kind of education, change of profession. Luck favors those who are not marking time, does not avoid all of the new and non-standard. And, if someone calls you with a strange at first glance, the proposal, answer the occasion: "Yes." Get rid of all the excess. Sorry offenders, distribute debts, discard old unnecessary things, give up the responsibilities that you have imposed, - clean life like a computer from unnecessary files. You will feel free, happy, capable of new achievements. Be a little more on the light. Its abundance or shortage affects our mood. One method of light therapy is that the patient to put special screen emits light intensity much greater than conventional light bulbs. So melancholic and victims of setbacks help to change their perception of the world in a positive way. At night, the pituitary gland produces the hormone melatonin, which generates melancholy and decadent mood, and an additional portion of light, this process stops - yesterday pessimistic again ready to chase after success! < Attached to the beautiful. This great art heals the soul, it takes away from the everyday hustle and adjusts to the positive changes in their lives. There are a scientific explanation: thrills increase the activity of the brain, which creates an excellent base for the generation of ideas and the development of plans for their implementation. So rush to the theaters, museums and philharmonic! Merge with nature. short rest outside the metropolis will fill you with life-giving energy. Walk barefoot in the grass, touch the bark of a tree, inhale resinous scent of the forest, listen to the sound of the river and the chirping of birds and winter listen to the crunch of snow underfoot ... Even a walk in the park will help to remove tiredness and aggression, to release internal resources - physical, intellectual, creative, emotional - and again you start spending power in the right direction. Choose your mascot. This may be a small stuffed toy or a ring - in other words, what happened to you in the happy moments of life, and that you can always carry with them. Here we are talking about the placebo effect - firmly believe that your luck talisman draws you in fact become more successful. Just do not overdo it: mascot mascot, but decency and discretion should remain with you. Believe in your good luck. Find the signs in your life just luck. It just seems that there is no reason for joy, but in fact you - chosen destiny and you have luck you have a roof over your head, you will not starve, and are free to choose in life. Summarize all the good points and be glad for myself. Feel like you're lucky, you will already be halfway to success. With such a start-up capital! Will only a little effort. Author: Svetlana Titova

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