Facts about the legendary Soviet film "Gentlemen of Fortune"

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Witnesses said that in the first days after the premiere of the morning speculators bought up all the tickets, the maximum price which was 20 cents, and sold them for 3 rubles. Movie attendance is ranked 12th among Soviet films in the history of Soviet cinema.

Directed by painting many people mistakenly believe Danelia. In fact, "Gentlemen 'shot Alexander Gray and Danelia along with Victoria Tokarev was the author of the script.

"Because of its unrestrained, jealous temper Sasha was in prison - says Danelia. - He was given 8 years, but he went out early, four years later, with no money or work. We were friends, studied together at the University for more director's course, so I offered him: writing the script and become the artistic director of the painting, and he takes off. At that decided to do ».

The idea of ​​the film has presented a well-known scriptwriter Valentin Yezhov. Initially, however, the story was quite different: the good Captain / Lieutenant powers of persuasion to re thugs, but senior police chiefs did not like this idea. As a result, the main character was the director of the kindergarten, and its antipode - jailbird named Associate Professor.

The final composition of the cast is also different from the original. The main role once were given Evgeny Leonov. But thieves retsedivistov had to play Andrei Mironov, Rolan Bykov, Yuri Nikulin and Savely Kramarov.

Mironov and Nikulin Bulls refused to act. Someone had no time, someone was already in use in other projects. On the role of Khmyrov first I auditioned Lev Durov, but played the character George Vitsin. It was initially unsuccessful audition and Savely Kramarova but Danelia persuaded the authorities, and Savely V. become skew.

"By the time I Kramarov starred in several films, - said Danelia. - I believe. However, when he emigrated to the actor, he tried to cut. But I wrote to them that they are committing an ideological error. He offered to see the picture more closely, because the actor playing Kramarov bandit and renegade. ACT! We leave everything as it was ».

The biggest problems were with the role of Basil Alibabaevicha. "I know why take? Because all the little white and Radik Muratov - he is black "- later told Radner Muratov. His first invited for a cameo warden, but when it became clear that we should start shooting, and one of the main characters there, decided to try it.

All the thieves it appeared in the picture thanks to Alexander Gray - useful to his prison experience. Posters hanging in the chamber: "On freedom - with a clear conscience," "Remember yourself, tell another that honest work - the road to the house", as well as thieves jargon: "Channel here", "I'll tear your mouth apart, morgaly vykoli" - a everything there, from the area.

"But about the" man in a jacket "(a monument to Lermontov) Danelia we have thought up" - says Tokarev. Censorship very seriously criticized the dialogue in the script of the film. From the authors of the script required to clean as much as possible "thieves jargon", which appeared as a result of various new "quasi-criminals" of the word "radish", "sausage", "Nebuchadnezzar" and others. And there is a legend that in the burial of the "shelf" film saved Interior Minister Nikolai Schelokov. On the eve of the Day of militia showed him disgraced "Gentlemen of Fortune" and he laughed so hard that at times drowned out the cues wafting from the screen. General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, who laughed at least Schёlokova and about slang said: "Yes, half of the words we know every street urchin».

Still, when Yevgeny Leonov camel rides, shoot as: director invited the trainer to put itself on the shoulders of the actor to hide behind a camel and walk side by side with him. The fact that Leonov did not succeed, Boris perch on a camel. A funny thing happened when filming a scene in which Boris spits in Kramarova. In fact, no spitting, of course, was not supposed to. The plan was this: in one frame camel pulls his lips, and the next - show Kramarova, bathed in shaving foam. But so Kramarov Boris grimaced and teased that he spat at him for real, from the heart. Great actor for a long time and then washed off!

The role of the pupil of the Moscow kindergarten number 83 Igorka was played Igor Ugolnikova in the future become a famous artist. Ugolnikov not remembered for this role, and to learn for the future of her leading television show "Wow!" And star of the film "Shirley Myrli" almost impossible.

To shoot in the car with cement for a long time could not find a suitable solution.
Radner Muratov told about the shooting because of this episode: "The day when we began to put into it. Mistimed tank with ordinary sourdough, tinted green onion essence. The composition was so pungent, sticky ... we Got out after the shooting of this solution and quickly wash, somehow by itself otskrebli it. Enjoying and Vitsin not. It turned out that he continues to sit in the tank because it found that the composition of 23 herbs and 15 years prolongs youth ».

In the city of Dzhambul (Kazakhstan), which mentions Basil Alibabaevich Alibaba, now renamed to Taraz, a monument to the "gentlemen of fortune". Only here in the sculpture is not a "gentleman of fortune" - Khmyrov.
Another interesting detail associated with this city: pop singer Larisa Israelevna Mondrus, who performed a song for the movie "Awake and Sing", was born in Jambul.



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