Tomorrow wake up happy!

I opened my eyes, it is best to see what pleases you and makes you happy: favorite (th), a beautiful - painting, flowers, photos ... cat, after all. This is important and pleasing to the charge of energy for the whole day.
The worst thing in the morning - it's a rush. You need to cook in the evening. But the mood of the morning is worth it.
Just plan your pleasant moments. We woke up and thought, that will please you.
Create a morning ritual for the sake of MDM nice to wake up.
Present in the morning joy of loved ones. Wake up to do someone's morning light and joyful.
Last night's sleep. Lie down before. Ventilate the bedroom. Spread a beautiful bed. Drink a cup of milk before bedtime.
In our culture, it is assumed that control your mood
impossible. It is like the weather - either there or not. And it's a myth.


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